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Open Your Heart To Joy! — 5 Comments

  1. Oh Sandi, I’m crying as I finish reading.
    How very beautiful your testimony and the Words the Lord spoke through you! Thank you. Loved “I remind you to keep a Heart of Love, and guard it well, so that you do not fall into the trap of self that is demonstrating a desire for control. It is the enemy’s set trap for all the world.” Oh wow!

    • Joyce, As the Lord was speaking to me, it was not by intention to share so much of my personal testimony and then I realized as He was leading me into TRUTH, He was developing obedience in me because actually as an only child, I did not learn much about obeying, just always getting my way. (lol). Looking back, I am forever grateful for such a loving Father. The whole world is vying for attention and the whole world needs Jesus!! xoxo Sandi

  2. What a great teaching!  Inspiring me to practice and open my heart even more to joy, immediate repentance of judgments and also looking forward with great hope to the great Harvest!  Thank you Sandi!! ❤️

    • You are so welcome, Paulette. I actually spent a couple of hours repenting as the Lord was speaking to me. I realized how much of what is being spoken of as prophetic or prophetic insight is actually pointing the finger and rooted in pride. He actually pointed out only one particular incident to me that I had been praying about but one is more than enough. So glad you received His word. God bless you. Sandi

    • Paulette, I so appreciate your input. For me, it was enlightening when the Lord actually pointed out to me that recently I actually passed judgment on someone when I thought I was using discernment. And He went on to say it was rooted in pride. So I thought some would think it elementary but it is truly a choice to open your heart to joy in that moment of decision. God bless you, Sandi

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