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Be Strong and Very Courageous — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for your encouragement brother. I give thanks for you and this message from The Lord. I feel so much joy when we lift up one another and long to see this more often. The House of The Lord should be a place for the weary soul to enter from the outside world and be at ease, recieve comfort and encouragement. A place of rejoicing and fellowship! That people can know how much The Lord loves them, and that their worth is not tied up in human perceptions but that The Lord always has a good opinion of them that believe in His name. For they are covered in the blood of Jesus, and have no spot or blemish. Purchased with the most precious blood of Our Lord, he gave his life and great love, redeemed us! I am truly thankful and blessed and thank you for refreshing his inheritance! Praise our Lord Jesus!

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