Be Watchful of Rats, Bats and Venomous Snakes!

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Be Watchful of Rats, Bats and Venomous Snakes!

Sitting here this morning, ministering to those whom God is putting in my spirit and making calls to release these words that are erupting and kicking in my belly to those, that are chosen for such a time as this.  But I heard the Spirit of The LORD speak and say, “Be watchful of rats, bats and venomous snakes!”

Rats:   They come to do inside damage in the church.  They leave inner damage and stir up strife gossip and accusations.  They are shadow people they hide in the dark places that are not perfected in a vision or ministries gnawing away at that area until they finally break through the wall of resistance to their determination to get into the inner circle of the church.

Sneaky, conniving and full of infectiousness behavior, be watchful of the fields rats who are preachers that come into the ministry and bring damage and the house rats who breed and reproduce others like their character until they run over the house with their nasty behavior.

Bats:   There are three kind of bat persons who will appear in a ministry as it begins to grow, expand, elevate:

  • The fruit eater, who come to eat up the production of the ministry.
  • The fish eater, who come to eat up the souls that are produced.
  • The blood suckers, who come to drain the life out of the vision!

Venomous Snakes:   Three very prevalent ones:

  • The cobra:  which is those persons who come with a display of elegance and pride and are also full of venom.  These person slither around quietly and undetected until they are ready to attack and kill.  They come to cause problems in the vision to take away the voice in the vision and to take the breath of the people.  They can kill a vision in a short time.
  • The pythons:  are those persons who come to squeeze and suffocate the vision and the visionary.  They come to block progress and to slowly squeeze the desire zeal and godliness out of the people.  They wait until the ministry is no longer moving before they swallow it whole and totally eliminate it.
  • The rattlers: are those who have no problem in letting you know that they are going to hurt you.  They make noise and threats to warn you that they are getting ready to attack you.  They are highly toxic and the poison they release causes major damage.  They have no problem with broadcasting that they want to destroy you.  They go for the weaker persons because they are easier to damage.

The people of God have to get in a place to learn what can kill these spirits how to wipe their offspring out and what needs to be used against them in warfare to make sure that they don’t get to strike against you.

Learning their hiding places in the ministry learning who is open to be used by these spirits and knowing your most effective weapon against them is critical.

It’s time for those who are warfare expert and deliverance specialist to now come forth to train teach and develop the troops.

We have a battle to fight and knowing our enemies is important in this hour.

Tell the Eunuchs to Throw Jezebel Down Now!

That is the cry that God has been speaking in my ear at least three times a day for the pass thirty days.

This spirit is so prevalent right now a spirit that comes to challenge the male figures in this hour to cripple them and make them eunuchs, so that it can be in control and dominant in the family church and society.

It comes to take away the leadership and authority of the men and to put them in a effeminate behavior so that their true creative identity won’t be shown.

The women in leadership are tearing up marriages and making the women lose their identity and they are bonding with women as their lovers and not their leaders.

God is dealing with me heavily concerning this Jezebel spirit.  it’s more than control manipulation.  it’s to wipe out the influence of the men, their authority, their kingdom place, and to destroy the order of the marriage institution to destroy the family unit.

The devil is a liar these women are bitter hateful angry and have perverse appetites for women and they acting like they prophesying to these women when in reality they trying to destroy them as a woman.

They are telling them they are too anointed to be with their husbands, or they are better off without them, or they are in their ear telling them they unhappy and only they, understand them.

Satan, The LORD rebuke you!

I rebuke that spirit of Jezebel and bind and attack with the power of the Holy Ghost that spirit of unnatural affection and take authority over perversion and lasciviousness in Jesus name.

These people are making unwise decisions and allowing themselves to be manipulated like puppets so that they can use by these women with the spirit of an illusionist to cause them to be overtaken in sin.

I’m Holy Ghost fired up because there’s too many women who say they are intelligent, but are acting like they are having mental episodes of confusion, chaos and delusions.

Women, you better know that satan has a hit out on you and you are on his list to take you out.

I’m coming against this dysfunction in the Body of Christ and I am not going to stop until those that have been influenced by her realized that this spirit is going to die so you may as well throw Jezebel down now!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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  1. Thankyou for your wisdom can you send me more as they get given to you God Bless You