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Becoming The Voice of The LORD! — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for releasing this word. I can concur with what you have said. Three days ago in an open vision the Lord gave me a key to open the shackles of prisoners.

  2. “Don’t judge anything or anyone from what you perceive, see or hear in the natural.”

    Thank you. There are sure to be conditions upon this. Was god referring to moral judgment? To allowing in His Kingdom vs. condemnation?

    We must trust gravity to work the same way it has worked from one moment to another. We should look both ways before crossing the street and not step out in front of a moving automobile. And if we serve on a jury, we must judge by rules of evidence. For natural matters, the Lord has told me to apply natural epistemology (especially in conjunction with others) and for spiritual matters His spiritual understanding.

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