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  1. It’s wonderful watching God’s miracle play out and participating in it.  I want to thank Jo Ellen Stevens, Debra Lowe, Phyllis Ford, Marsha and Bill Burns, to name a few.  I didn’t name everyone I should.

    The last 72 hours have been amazing.  The next 72 hours will be, too.  While this Pentecost time is definitely important – and probably the most important in my lifetime – you have all been very instrumental in the journey that the Lord has taken me through these past seven years.

    You guys have done a great job writing what you hear from the Lord.  And it is as the Lord said that the tares come up with the wheat.  I’ve taken the Lord’s dealings with me during this journey very seriously and I dug through your writings and proved that you are very reliable. 

    As for me, the preparation has come to an end.  Tomorrow we begin our work and ministry.  It is exactly as you have written in your words.  The Lord is sending me to disciple the unwanted ones.

    I pray a blessing for you that you continue this important work with accuracy and timing.

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