Behold, I AM at the Door Knocking!

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We ALL Need Revival!

Everyone has a need to be revived, the most sinful society in its rebelliousness is just as desirous for visitation, as any saint praying for revivals.

The former are people in conflict with themselves and have no idea how to fulfill their craving for Godly rest and comfort.  Thus they seek what only God can give in a place of temporal pleasures of sin, where they will never find such things.

Their human nature leads them away from the fountain of living water to where they continuously thirst and crave.

Each one of us is created with eternal desire, that we will only come to experience inner peace and satisfaction from God.  Until then, the things we zealously do in getting pleasures of this world, only expose how desperate we are for God.

The shakings we go through as family, as a society, or as a nation, are crucial in that they confront us with truths about the two kingdoms.  The one that is shaken and easily goes away and the other that is firmly founded.

Let us see the need to choose, not just to exist amidst storms, but to gain the eternal place where God is.

If that which we see with our eyes can be shaken, it means it will not last and we can as well perish with it.

Conditions for Revival

Wars, famines, earthquakes and diseases have never brought revival to any place.

In fact, in Mathew 27 and Luke 21, these calamities are the LORD’s prophecies denoting the last days in their intensities, as is the case today.

Revival does not come because a nation is shaken.  Even in the shaking, you can miss out on God.

You can tell me about the revival under King Josiah and the reforms thereof, yet after that revival, God would not change His mind concerning taking them to captivity, because He still did send them away, almost immediately.

That revival was like a baptism before Judah was taken captive.

I know of Nations which have under gone shaking, yet today are worse than their previous conditions.

It is the return to God that is needed.

Men of God who carry God’s heart, must get to the ground and work.  People must be taught the fear of God.

Stumbling blocks must be removed and when revival finally descends, the Church has to be accountable in maintaining this wonderful blessing on the land.

Christian Maturity

Christian Maturity is not measured by the deeper revelation one has, or the ability to communicate better than the rest in a congregation, or to understanding scriptures or just by years in salvation that you have.

Christian maturity is measured by the capacity to produce the fruit of the Spirit.

Commissioned to Speak for God

Emotional involvement and personal desire are two circumstances that frequently hinder the pure expression of prophecy.

The difference should be drawn on what you think will happen and what God has said He will do.

Prophets are commissioned to speak for God, not by their own perception.

Under Grace

Under the grace of the New Testament, Jesus Christ is our mediator, and not any other one in the five-fold set.  We also have scripture to rely upon.

This does not do away with the need for prophets and prophecies in the local church set up.

It does, however, place human ministers in less responsible task positions than their Old Testament counterparts.

We are therefore responsible for our own hearing and the path we take as we grow in the things of God, not necessarily depending entirely on those who proclaim to be prophets.

That is very important, because not all who prophesy do so from pure hearts.

God has given several ways of hearing and confirming what we have been told by human agency.

Preaching FULL Gospel

The Gospel we preach is a fruit of the life we have lived. 

That is, it will come out from a heart’s response to God’s goodness, coming out as testimonies of wonderful God’s providence, including His saving grace to sinners .

But there is one who just preaches or sings because of other reasons, which drive them to achieve what their heart is already fixed on.

They lack Encounters.

When disciples of the LORD received the power of the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room, it was more to do with an emptying process.

That is what an encounter does, to empty you.

Later, when they began to spread the gospel, that power drew them right into the chambers of ruthless kings and prisons of governments.

Such wilderness, made them preach full gospel.

Encounters are God’s ways of making us know His heart.  Wilderness experiences empty us to the degree that self won’t speak out louder than God’s word in us.

We need both.  We need to long for encounters that mature us into God’s holiness, because God is Holy.

We also should see circumstances that reveal our nakedness of sinner tendencies as opportunities to encounter God’s Frace.

Behold, I AM at the Door Knocking!

One comes to Christ because he or she has been cornered in hard place of life, and they have no other choice.  Therefore they say, “Yes LORD!”

But another is a sinner, who sees the need for saving grace, and thus answers for the Royal Call.

You had better check what first made you to be a believer of Christ.  You must let Christ come through the door, not through the window.

“Behold, I AM at the door knocking.”  That is how He does His introduction.

Only those truly ‘born again’ will endure to the end and shall be saved for the last day.

Those coming to Christ for other reasons, will begin the journey, but as time nears will lack the ability to remain on course.


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo of Heart Revival Network International, Kenya is a Prophetic End-Time Minister of the Gospel, preaching in Crusades and open air Revival meetings. The LORD continues to show him the apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride, fit for the Wedding of the Lamb, as in Revelation 19:7-8.

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