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  1. Sandi, I live in anticipation for the New Beginning.  It bas been a long journey.  Thank you so much for the encouraging word.  May God bless you and continue to use you greatly.  Would you please seek God for a confirmation for me?
    God bless you always,
    You’re on my prayers also.
    Thank you my dear Sister.

    • Jennifer, my email has changed temporarily. It is now holmansandra43@gmail.com. I will gladly pray and seek the Lord. Please send me your email contact so I can send to you. He is preparing the way and the New Thing shall be astounding and fulfilling the word and promises He has spoken. Thank you for your prayers. We need each other on the winding road. Many blessings, Sandi Holman

    • So good to see you Sis Love Hope…You are so welcome. It is time to Sing a Hallelujah that we serve the one who is the beginning and the end. Many blessings, Sandi Holman

    • SO glad that you heart was filled with thanksgiving and blessing. I appreciate your response, Georgia. Blessings going forward, Sandi Holman

  2. Oh Sandi, what a most beautiful encouraging and uplifting Word from the Lord all at the same time!
    The fire of God is All over it. Glory to His Name!
    I loved, “I AM calling out the chosen ones to higher places and deeper levels of equipping as I send the roar of the Lion of Judah to the heart worshipers to come up higher.”
    Many blessings and love being sent your way. Plow on!

    • We are in the war for sure Luke 11:23 and I thank God for you dear Joyce. I am thankful for you and thank God for connecting our hearts to stand firmly in agreement in this very exciting yet challenging hour. Moving forward for the best is yet to come. Love you…sending prayers! Sandi

  3. Thank you God’s vessel Sandi for sharing God’s words. This prophetic words confirmed Genesis 26 : 1-end where i read this morning that Egypt was chosen by “I AM THAT I AM” (God) as the right place for Isaac’s supernatural blessings which Isaac had to obey. There, God positioned Isaac to soar higher above the Philistine’s earthly turmoils & what they saw as the end of the road for Isaac was actually a short detour that led to his sudden expansions; greatness; that he became richer & mightier than the nation he dwelt. This shocked & intimidated the greedy & controlling king Abimelech & Isaac’s haters that they asked him to leave. As he left for the valley of Gerar, God’s suddenlies escorted & overtook him; gave him Rehoboth & many supernatural miracles in the natural that made his haters came & bowed to him. These & many more spoken through you by the Holy spirit in this word shall be for all brethren, families, nations etc who open their hearts in repentance & obedience to the God of Suddenlies!  Remain blessed!

    • Now, Adams, I will have to say, I was overjoyed with your powerful confirmation. Absolutely LOVED IT. I am going to do a little research on that because I was penning this to send, the Lord said go to Genesis 1 and Genesis 26 but I was so tired, I went to bed thinking I will check those scriptures out in the morning and HIS GOODNESS sent you with this confirmation. Many blessings to you!! Sandi

      • God is forever faithful to His words Dear God’s vessel Sandi. We thank God for the confirmation.  May the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob bless you, your family & ministry exceedingly & abundantly in Jesus name. More Anointing! Thanks for your kind response.

        • Again I stand in agreement and I send you this scripture today Adams that the Lord is giving me for the Suddenlies going forward..it is to read with discernment Luke 11 and especially vs 23. We must know those who labor among us. May the Lord lead you and anoint you for this very challenging yet rewarding hour. Blessings, Sandi

    • Good day CHeri, Always good to see you. So glad the Lord brought goodness and encouragement to you lovely lady, Love and blessings Sandi

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