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Being Led by a Spirit of Religion? — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Dana, you wrote what you had to write. Many had the same message before. Many do not want to hear this. Demons are real and they show up when someone preaches LOVE and TRUTH. It seems those demons of false pride are the worst. But there are more evil spirits and I don’t want to name them or give them any room to feel flattered. GOD forewarned us i.e. in 2. Timothy 3 what time come in the last days. Stay blessed, sister. Update: I am on my way home after work. I served an old farmer and we had good conversations about Martin Luther, how this chosen brother stood his ground against false catholic doctrines. Luther was a cast out, had hardest trials, and nevertheless, through him the Word of God was made available to all people. Following Jesus is a 100 % job. Not lukewarm. Not for cowards. It cost a high prize. It can cost one’s life. Close to heaven’s altar are many martyrs. Cowardice for Jesus is sin, Bible tells. How many will shrink back when it comes to RFID ? Too many ! But GOD KNOWS.

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