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Beware: Make-up, Women’s Trousers Are Demonic Bondages Serving A God of Gold — 12 Comments

  1. What a word! I completely agree about makeup. It has become something that is forced on women to match societal standards of beauty and has much to do with sexuality and it is not godly. Many women are trained to think they are ugly without makeup but God doesn’t make ugly! Esther was chosen because she chose to not do what the other women were doing! She only used godly herbs and nothing else. If you must use makeup to cover up some medical problem or something like that, use the most natural you can find and don’t put fake eyelashes and all that nonsense.

    The thing about pants-well, there’s a problem. I totally believe this is a godly message but I have a very functional athletic personality and I need to move freely without all this skirt in the way and I need pockets to hold things. So I do think about the kilt etc. I think much is cultural and the Bible was saying to not look like a man as they did then, to not act like a man, but I think women are fine in functional pants-the problem is that they are not tight and they are wearing longer shirts to cover sensitive areas. Going out in tight leggings not for a Holy Spirit Christian!

  2. It may be that I get more later from the Lord, but with respect to trousers, I believe the Lord impressed on me it is a heart issue.  Is a woman trying to look like a man, generally arouse men, or trying to just stay warm.  Are the pants very revealing or does a tunic provide modesty.  I cannot say this is a thus sayeth the Lord response, because it isn’t. But sin comes from the heart before it is expressed in the life. Modesty truly is a matter of the heart while clothing types are culturally influenced.  Tight jeans, not modest. Loose pant with tunic overlay, quite modest, at least in my culture.  Certainly no man dresses that way. Short skirt and plunging neckline blouse, not modest, though considered feminine.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful message. I agree fully with you on the makeup, which I realize it recently. It’s new to me on the trousers, thanks for writing on this. However, I have a feedback – there is no need to show the image of a pagan god/goddess, your message is good enough. Micah 6:8 – The Lord only shows us what is good, He doesn’t show us evil.

  4. Hi Jacob, Thank you for this word. When I was a new Christian 32 years ago, God lead me to wear a covering on my head when I pray. He shows us what He wants. I will ask Him about the trousers on women. I must admit the Amish and Russian Orthodox woman in our area in upstate NY look very feminine. But It gets very cold here and am very glad to have my trousers. But if God wanted me to wear a dress maybe I could wear some trousers underneath, especially since it gets in the single digits Fahrenheit here. “The knowledge of the holy is understanding” Proverbs 9:10.
    I will definitely ask Him about this. And I liked your prayer at the end. Thank you very extremely much. God bless you. Joanie

  5. Thank you so much, Prophet for this mystery of the many hidden places of the demons in our sister’s lifestyles and mine. I know this will save us from many more attacks of other demons of pride, as envy and huge ones of jealousy demons as well vanities ones. My friend saw my eyes go black for moment in our talks of spirituals discussions. I been praying fasting cleansing myself and more demon attacks for past 4 years. This was answer to my prayers the last of demons to leave me, I know this will save many marriages under attack and the freedom was given in your obedience to be brave and bold on this area of women of God that was tainted by darkness by association deepest gratitude my Prophet. I agree and will observe and do as the Holy spirit instructed in this word of Lord Jesus Christ to his daughters of Zion the new Kingdom living wardrobe welcome news

  6. Thank you for sharing your personal testimony. I think it is important for each person to seek God and strictly follow His instructions to them. In my case, everyone was wearing jeans, and I liked dresses when I was little. Jeans seemed like a uniform and who decided that blue goes by default with everything? So I courageously followed God’s leading to start wearing dresses to express myself more, even though it made me look arrogant to my peers. I still wear jeans in winter under my dresses, and if I lived in Asia where the women are groped on public transport if they wear dresses, I would wear them
    all the time. I wear colorful makeup on special occasions and if I were working outside my home I would wear a minimal amount for that to show respect.  But you have to be careful what you use bc it can have many toxins, and I make some of my own beauty supplies , like carrot oil for retinol. When I investigated pagan symbols once, I realized they have appropriated just about everything. But it is God who made it originally and He decides the significance of it. And I believe we can appropriate things again, for His glory. To the pure all things are pure. And we must each follow strictly His path that He has for us and not be swayed by what He is doing with someone else and not have any idols in our lives before Him. Thank you for sharing your great love and zeal for God- it is such a blessing!

    • Thank you for pointing out the crime issue. Women in America lean toward pants because of men who are porn addicts, rapists, etc. It’s sad, but the reality of it. also theft. Women lean towards pants with pockets so their purse isn’t stolen. Less chance of theft.

  7. I have had little enough interest in makeup over the years and abandoned it a long time ago.  I will seek the Lord on trousers, however. Mine are not cut for men and are therefore not men’s clothing, but I will do everything possible to please the Lord.  As an older woman my hair is dyed, but when I started going lighter to make a smooth transition to gray my husband was not pleased.  Perhaps I can convince him now.

    • The last time I died my hair, the Lord told me it was the last time I would ever do it. I don’t believe this is right with God either. Dying one’s hair is saying to God, “I don’t like how you made me!”

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