Birds On a Ledge and Lions Coming Out of Their Lairs


When the eagle is ready to fly, the parent pushes him off the ledge of the cliff, trees, or wherever the nest is, it is time to strengthen his wings for flight.

This is where many of you who have been hidden are. You have been nourished, and being strengthened in Me, but it is now time to stretch forth you wings and fly.

It is not just for soaring.  Soaring with Me is for strengthening but then, once strengthened, It is time to learn to hunt to take the prey.

At first, the young eagle goes for the small prey; the mice, the rodents, the fish, but as he matures in his skills, he can easily take on bigger prey.

The lame take the prey, My Word says (Isaiah 33:23).  That is YOU my young eagles; it is time to try your skills and like the parent who stays by their young, I will be with you and teach you as you keep your heart open to learn from Me and I will assure you the victory.

Some eagles are very good at eliminating the snakes of the fields, so it is with you.

Many of you have been equipped to take on the serpent of the fields of My pastures and of the world.

Yes, there are serpents in my sanctuaries and the Gideons will step forth now and take down the idols in the Father’s house.

Know that if I give you a mission, that I AM is with you to carry it out!  Listen for the sound of the Master Eagle alerting you to the prey.

Eagles do not go to scare off the prey, although many are routed by the sound of his cry.  They go to DESTROY the prey!  It is food for them.

So it will be with you; the more you rout, the stronger you will feel, for I AM at your side.

Do not be afraid of the face of the enemy my sons and daughters, they are just enraged for they know there is a great battle ahead and the enemy has gotten confident, just as he did when they nailed me to the cross, thinking he had won a victory but it will be his downfall as pride comes before a fall.

Do not be dismayed at all the witchcraft and deception.  I AM here with you wherever you go at My instruction, I AM with you and will be until the end of time, so faint not.

Do not be discouraged in your hearts the time for you to shine has come.

“Arise and shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD is upon you!”   Isaiah 60:1.

Many of you who are my warriors, the Lion of Judah, has arisen from rest and is actively at work in your life and My sons will come roaring from the west.

And you will ROAR, and at the sound of His ROAR through you, many will be set free! In the jungle, the ROAR of the lion, sets many to flight; birds, monkeys, and other prey scatter, when they know the lion is on the prowl.

The old enemy, goes about seeking whom he may destroy, but is time for the Lion of Judah to roar, and when he comes out of His lair, who can withstand Him? 

And with Him comes His pride; His females who are skilled in hunting….

It says in Isaiah, seven women will encompass a man.  This is the meaning; A LION and his pride devouring the prey.

The fullness of Almighty God in the women, coming forth to hunt down the prey.

There are many prey who will be defeated, not expecting what is coming forth through the purity of worship and prayer in the women, and the prophetic word spoken forth.

Just like a lioness rises up out of the bush to attack a young gazelle, will the women come forth into the fullness of what I have set them to do Arise and shine.

Arise and shine for Your Light has come, and the GLORY OF THE LORD will be SEEN upon you.”

Originally Received May 4, 2000.


~ Priscilla

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