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  1. I have recently came back to the Lord after I fell short because of destruction in my marriage.
    Just this past Saturday I went to my first women’s meeting.  The pastor asked me what was my talent.  I didn’t know what to say. No one has ever asked me that question.
    I was shy.  She asked me what I have done in other churches.  I explained to her, but couldn’t tell her my passion.  Later that evening I told her I have a passion for singing, but I was a praise and worship leader who was brought down because I had to work.
    I have a passion to sing for my heavenly Father, but yet been afraid to sing due to the hurt I went through.  It seemed as I was in a pit.
    I have been afraid. 
    Crazy thing, I asked The Lord, “What is my talent?”  And he reminded me just today.  Then I find this.  Seems like God has my undivided attention.
    Thank you so much. God is so good.

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