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Breakthrough is Coming — 9 Comments

  1. My dear sister June, you have always been a faithful friend, as some or even many others, too, in unity with the Holy One.
    I can’t publish it in detail here, but I want you to know: YES, A BIG BREAKTHROUGH IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, for me and for my son. It’s extraordinary ! It’s amazing, and abundance of blessings.

    • You know, you and Deborah were and are my always “first to go to” here at HKP. Surely – the LORD is first and ‘number’ One.
      I don’t want to leave others in a ranking list, I hope the readers understand. Even in the New Testament some brethren/sisters are specially mentioned. This is not meant for distraction or jealousy. I won’t be here for a while now. Stay blessed, and NEVER GIVE UP GOD’S HOPE AND PROMISES !!!

  2. I’ve been praying for this Lord. You know my heart my desire is for your will and to be pleasing to you amen. Thank you sister for yielding to the Lordand the precious Holy Spirit

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