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Brexit & A New Era for the UK! — 5 Comments

  1. Star Out Of Jacob

    He sought for a man amongst them

    That would stand in the gap for the land

    Lest He Pour Out His Indignation

    Establish Justice through a Wrathful Plan

    But behold the Bridegroom Cometh

    With Esther by His Side to Stand

    Establishing Justice and Righteousness by Blood and by Mercy

    For dark and sinking sand

    He’ll also call her Hadassah

    His sweet myrtle His Eternal Heart

    His Place of Rest and Comfort

    His Delight as endless ages start

  2. Lazarus was a type of the Church…2 sisters….Love God …Mary…..Love People…Martha….Jesus said he sleepeth…and waited 2 days (2000yrs)…Today and tomorrow I do Signs and Wonders….1st…Wedding Feast….turned water…(Noah…Judgement) into Wine…a type of Mercy That Triumphs Over Judgement…6 pots…6000 yrs…Jesus is Coming by His Spirit …with a Wonderful Surprise…in addition of course to Mark Taylor and Veronika West who by themselves would Arise and Shine enough for multitudes and multitudes!!!

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