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  1. This is a very refreshing word. Who can be against reconciliation of former enemies?  In just one generation enemies from WW2 became allies. We saw this with our own eyes.  After the bloody US Civil War the nation reconciled and became one again. Eternal vitriol is not inevitable. Let this be our fervent prayer

  2. Joshua 5 verse 13-14a was illuminating for Joshua as to how the Lord was not exactly taking sides and that was before the walls of Jericho fell!  So The Lord is really saying the same thing thousands of years later. I am really moved by your prophecy Priscilla and thank you for sharing.
    I agree Israel needs to move on from their post Holocaust experience and forgive, but it is horrid how anti-Semitism rears its ugly head in the propaganda battle seen in much of the world’s media and it must be frightening to face all these pro-Palestinian marches across Europe & Arab nations, which are so aggressive in tone and supress basic facts. So much to pray for and GREAT THAT we can worship while a heavenly battle rages AND HELP thereby.

    • I agree with you Caroline Bell. The Lord’s heart is still to love our enemies.
      ALL need Jesus Christ! Look at the testimonies of former Muslims even when they convert & come to Jesus Christ and receive Him as Lord and Savior!
      Also what about converted Jews to know and receive Jesus Christ as their true Messiah?
      My highest honor and respect I can pay in just one eg
      is Sid Roth and the wonderful work He does!
      May we all pray, intercede and war in the Heavenlies for the Kingdom of God to come! Keeping faith and striving for unity between us. God bless you.

  3. Respectfully, I do not agree. From the outset, God told Hagar that her son would be a tyrant and dwell amongst his brethren. He firmly instructed Moses and Joshua to kill man, woman, and child of ALL the land they were to inherit. They repeatedly disobeyed this command through the generations. The disobedience has led to a flourishing tyrant who continues to mercilessly slaughter God’s people and keep them from the land that HE promised them. It’s His land and He laid it out to Abraham. He didn’t change His mind. The nation of Israel right now is a SLIVER of where God will have them stretch their tent pegs. God has absolutely taken sides. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob through whom He brought 1 SEED. His seed. This finishes with the complete destruction of the Ishmaelites who refuse repentance. They will be no more. ““If it had not been the Lord who was on our side,” Let Israel now say— “If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, When men rose up against us, Then they would have swallowed us alive, When their wrath was kindled against us; Then the waters would have overwhelmed us, The stream would have gone over our soul; Then the swollen waters Would have gone over our soul.” Blessed be the Lord, Who has not given us as prey to their teeth.”
    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭124‬:‭1‬-‭6‬

    • “Now therefore, do not give your daughters as wives for their sons, nor take their daughters to your sons; and never seek their peace or prosperity, that you may be strong and eat the good of the land, and leave it as an inheritance to your children forever.’”
      ‭‭Ezra‬ ‭9‬:‭12‬ ‭
      People are about to find out the version of Jesus left out of the 1970’s revival message. He is the same yesterday today and forever. He does not change nor does a second covenant void the first.

    • The Cabal does not want arabs to stop. It wants
      The land & war for their own pockets. Net and yahoo
      Wants annhilation – he worships at the Kaballah temple.  Pray for him. God’s intent is to manifest HIS
      GLORY TO THE WHOLE WORLD WHILE EVERYONE IS WATCHING!!! To save both brothers ancestors & the whole world!  Imo

  4. Thank you Priscilla for this awesome revelation from the heart of God.  Yes we need to be praying for reconciliation between these two brothers and not to take sides.  God bless you in abundance for your obedience to post this letter from our Lord!!!

  5. I feel, hear, and accept this call with tears, fear and trembling.  Only yesterday I was explaining this situation to my niece.  I will start a notebook today and start my campaign. May the Lord raise as many voices as He will in this cause.  Brothers must be reconciled in Christ! No more murder!  No more chaos!  No more hate!

  6. Priscilla, this really speaks to me! Will pull out just this one quote from our God, “do not take sides. I see with a singular eye. I see a people lost and forlorn, abandon-ed and full of hate and revenge, murder and desperation and I see another people, who still hold revenge for what was done to them in a former generation because they do not know the extent of My love for them, and do not know MY SON.”

    I also watched that same movie many years ago. So glad you shared it.

    Just one thought, even in simple counseling one on one the Lord has had to teach me ‘Never take sides even if it is close loved ones!’ We have to search for truth and what will heal and not divide further with people.
    The Lord is looking for a people who with a single eye full of light and truth can cry out and stay on tract!
    Again thank you for the depth you shared here. Joyce D ❤️

  7. Hi Priscilla, I remember seeing this movie at least 2x. This Word has wisdom in it. We must always see things through the Word and understand the heart of the Father. We love good and hate evil. Praying in the Spirit hits the target and we so need to stir up the gifts within us, more than ever in this hour. Have been so burdened over this evil and loss of life and am praying for the Peace of Jerusalem. Only Yeshua can fix this mess and He will. Thy Kingdom come….love you sis ❤️

  8. So much depth here, to understand woman of God.. descendants of Isaac and Ishmael – Generations of ancient traumas, triumphs, traditions combine w/Truths – Thank you woman of God for sharing: The heart of our God – not take “sides” but take the SAVOR! JESUS – Pray Church!

      • If I may submit some supporting context to your post woman of God. It’s ALL about covenant. Gen.15: Gen.15:6 Gen.17:7 Gen.17:8 Gen.17:19(b). God’s covenant people, must understand covenant. Gen.15:18. This post reminds us that we cannot be “tribal” in our thinking as “Us and Them” God LOVES people and wants “them” (non-covenant ppl) to know Him! Gen.16:12 God has blessed, yes even non-covenant people Gen.17:18 that do not live for Him. Gen.17:20 Yet in His Providential Power has pre-destined heirs according to the eternal covenant of promise w/Abraham Gen.17:7 Gal.3:16 Gal.3:18 Gal.3:29 Pray Church!

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