Choices, Choices, Choices


There are many people, who are not going to listen.  It does not matter, what the Spirit is trying to say.  They will keep throwing off the message, and tossing it toward others they feel it belongs to.  These have no intention of changing their attitude, humbling themselves or asking the Spirit to search them; to see if the admonition, might actually be for them. Their spirit says, “I’m right, and I’m not going to change my mind; never.”

People who have studied for themselves, are a lot more open; in their way of thinking, and the way that they approach things.  They find through their prayer and fasting, through allowing the Holy Ghost to teach them as they study, that some of their understanding, might not have been one hundred percent right.

If the Spirit shows them, that there is more knowledge and wisdom that they could have, and should have, they are willing to grow and reconsider some of their attitudes.  It seems, that many of us, were set in stone.  We accepted what we were told by others, and lived our lives by it.

Many churches have changed their stand on certain issues over the past years.  It’s not necessary to name what those things are; we likely all know it.  Some things that were once called sin, are no longer called that.  So, many want to jump up to say, the church has let down on so many things.  And, perhaps it has.  But what these folk refuse to consider, is that a lot of these things, were not sin to begin with; they were commandments of men.  That means, they feel no responsibility, for the harm that was done by it.

God, wanted a people that would love Him and worship Him; not because they had to or were made to, but because they wanted to; they chose to.  Each of us has a choice; we can choose to be children of God, or we can choose to be children of the devil.  Even if we are only caught up in our own desires and going about our own way, we are still aiding the enemy.

Their is no idling, in the middle.  We are either serving one, or the other.  If we do continue to follow the traditions of others, rather than truly following the Holy Ghost, or setting up our own kingdom, we have made some choices.

Many of us, once believed some things, we later found out were not true.  It simply was not backed up with true scripture.  The fact that we were taught to shun others, not even visit them, not even a phone call to let that person know that we still loved them, should have told us, our belief system, might be a bit in question.  When we stop following the Holy Ghost, and feel we have learned everything we need to know, we’ve made the wrong choices.

Will I choose today, to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.  Can I?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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