I will meet you where you are — 3 Comments

  1. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. There is no other name quite like yours! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. You’re all I live for. Gentleman thanks for holding that door. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Give us more. More of you Lord. You’re all we live for. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus it’s you we adore <3

  2. I receive these awasome words of encouragement in the name of Jesus. Thank you for being there for us my beloved sister. You are such a blessing always ourlives. Keep on blessing us! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I receive these wonderful words in the name of Jesus. Oh! There is power in the name of Jesus which brakes evey chains. I am so stirred and saturated in my spirit. Thank you for being there for us my beloved Deborah,really He gave us power to trample over serpent, scorpions and over all the power of the enemy! Wow! I am so inspired by these prophetic words. God’s love will never fail. God bless you! Amen and Amen!

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