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Chosen to Be a Light in the World — 20 Comments

  1. This whole exchange of honor between “prophetic scribes” is SO GLORIOUS! I am FILLED w Holy Spirit WITNESS as I am reading (from Western Canada) through the messages AND COMMENTS! I can feel the BEAUTIFUL UNITY of the BRETHREN….and HONOR! HOLY! ahhhhh! This is where Father COMMANDS THE BLESSINGS!!!!
    Haha! LET GLORY LIGHT RAIN DOWN….I see it like a welders rod giving off live sparks of yellow glory light…igniting EVERYWHERE THE MESSAGE OF HOPE AND GLORY IS RECEIVED in that beautiful circle dance of union with the brethren!!!!!
    *note, Dec 8 on the Essene Calendar is the first day of Hanukkah!!

    • Oh wow, wow wow! Your message to Sandi made me weep also! You are such a beautiful light in this world for Jesus, Shelley M Ed. Holy, Holy, Holy are you Lord God Almighty, who was and is, and is to Come!!

      • My sister, Joyce, I believe what the Lord is showing us here is truly a three fold cord of joyful unity which we were designed to display in the Kingdom. I so appreciate your pure transparent heart and I had an email feom Shelley that just made my heart sing on a day when I had experienced a deep heart break from someone I trusted. God is good..may our hearts be filled to overflowing with the love of our Savior til the whole world knows. xoxo Sandi

        • Yes Sandi, I felt that 3 fold cord connection yesterday, too with you and Shelley. It was an heavenly moment as God knit our hearts together!  felt to really pray for you recently as Father knew all about your grieve and hurt. I didn’t have to know, but be obedient to pray. I love how the Holy Spirit will put others on our heart to pray for. Time and miles makes no difference! God bless you both.

          • OH MY GOODNESS!
            I just felt led to go back and see if my comment made it to you all, bc it disappeared w/o indicating so on my side…I am STUNNED with the thread and in JOYFUL TEARS!!!
            He is UNITING our HEARTS across the GLOBE….HIS HANDMAIDENS … in PRECIOUS UNITY!!!
            Sending LOVE LOVE LOVE
            Joyce and Sandi …and the many others speaking from within His heart…I just give you honor and deep gratitude …Thank you for serving so faithfully through the years …even when you wondered if it meant anything to anyone…May I tell you…You are His precious Malachi 3:17 jewels!! Rich treasures of His heart.

            • Would you believe this is the first time I saw your comment here, Shelley? A lot of times when I post it disappears. Still satan can’t stop this Unity!!

              It has been powerful on this site lately! I am so blessed to meet sisters with such hearts for God online. God’s children are the very best! I pray many, many sinners hear His heart and want Jesus! He is altogether lovely! Love you all.

    • Shelley M Ed what a heart warming comment. I am forever grateful for that is my heart’s desire to walk in honor and unity with the brethren. I was so honored when Joyce shared this word but so many times it is apparent that our hearts are flowing in the same rhythm and that so blesses me. What a confirmation of the Fathers heart that we so need one another and willingly acknowledge our need. I am so blessed to be part of this beautiful family at HKP and the leaders whose hearts flow with the purity of the Father’s love. Blessings to you, my dear sisters, Shelley and Joyce. xoxoSandi

    • Many blessings back at you Sister Yvonne, I am forever grateful when I am able to send a word from the Lord that resonates and confirms to the family of God. xoxo Sandi

  2. I think there is very much of value in this word to ponder. 

    One part of it confirms what I have been compelled to pray: that the Lord would reveal to those who belong to Him others who also belong to him as well as those others who do not.

    • Absolutely Mark, I so am believing that with you for true discernment of those who labor among us.Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. May the Lord increase the spirit of discernment in all of us as many are in the fiery testings of delayed answers. Many blessings, Sandi

  3. Oh My, Oh My, and Yes, Yes, Yes Lord!!! This Word sure resonated with my spirit, Sandi. Going to go back and read this again over! Thank you for your obedience in posting. I love you so sister. MARCH ON!! God bless you.

  4. Thank You Father for the beautiful feet You chose to carry this message of encouragement and warning to Your Elect.
    Please bless and protect Sandi and all Youve placed under her authority and stewardship Father. Amen

    We truly have been in the dark room of His Workmanship. I’m very very excited to see what He’s fashioned and formed. It’s a Good Time to Be Alive!!!

    • You are so very kind, Cheri..It is my honor and joy and heart’s desire to carry the heart of the Father. Thanks so much for your blessing and prayer of protection that we are all so in need of in this hour of stress and tension. May the Lord bless you and keep you in all your ways, dear one. xoxoSandi

    • Kathryn, Thanks so much for your blessing and I am so glad to hear that this work resonated with your spirit. May the Lord open up deeper revelation of the brightness of the light you are carrying. Shalom, Sandi Holman

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