Christmas Prayer….


May the Lord bless you and keep you and make his bright shining face to shine upon you and give you His shalom that passes all understanding.

May Hashem, Who is El Rachum, the Compassionate One of Israel pour out His mighty tangible love in your life as you read this, and pour and pour and pour till you are filled to the full.  May He drive out all opposition the enemy has tried to keep against you so that you can fulfil the mighty call He has on your life.

May His love encompass you and overshadow you in the night watches, and rivet you driving out all fear and worry, anxiety and rejection, rebellion to that rejection and woundedness.  May HE hold you tightly as you forge ahead on the narrow path he has called us to.

He is our peace Who has broken down every wall.

He is our Righteousness, so I rebuke all striving and religious spirits that try to get us to prove ourselves before Him.  I pray everything that He is; His presence would permeate your home and your body and soul so much that people will start coughing out spirits when they are around you, that you would KNOW that God is working to bring down all that opposes Him in your friends and in those you love and care for.

May HE INCREASE till your shadow alone will cause people to be healed and delivered.  May His FAVOR increase that people would just give you things you need, or money you need to accomplish what He wants you to in this life.

May His blessings overwhelm you in this season… the ones that cost nothing but their manifestation brings peace love, joy, etc.  May people start to ask you why you are happy, why you are joyful, why you seem so peaceful in the midst of all t hat’s going on so that you can tell them about JESUS.

May the Lord bless your loved ones and you with revelation that will break the hold of demonic assignments against you, and heal the places of unbelief in our hearts, where we still doubt, or fear, or have suspicions about His love coming through for us.

May He take you into the heavenlies and reveal the beauty realm and bring angelic visitations that will humble us and empower us to do His will alone.  May His fire permeate us so that we can fulfill His hearts travail for those here on earth till He comes again.  In the name and blood of JESUS.

Love, Priscilla

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