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Comfort and Healing for the Betrayed — 3 Comments

    YES AMEN..
    THIS is a confirmation I have been slandered, and wrongfully misunderstood in anger was about 2 launch a campaign to come against the lies and mispresentations. After PRAYING in my war room I saw AND.heard forgiveness and in RETURN 2 response 4 a miscommunication I believe shouldn’t need 2apologize but wanted PEACE and move on.
    The LORD speak 2me 2wait with complete trust HIS reasons meant he’s working it out.
    Thank YOU Pr June! This message is right on time☝☝☝⏰⏰⏰

  2. I have been going through a very dark season of betrayal and even this morning I wept before God. This word was God speaking to me that I am not alone. Thank you for your obedience in delivering an on time word to lift up my bowed down head

    • Sister Lindy-Ann, remember, this was betrayal, but not your end. Be aware, according to GOD’s WORD they will reap what they have sown. Or according the saying “What goes around comes around”. In June’s article is one sentence that I used in a final message to one who threatend me to call police if I dare to contact him again. His ugly response came after this my final sentence to him: “You left me just when I needed you most”. And guess what ? He is in a big church leader team… And guess what ?? I dared to respond after his threat. I dared to send him a sermon of his own church, and I dared to bless him. Police did NOT call me or grab me. I think, most of the police officers have more love and wisdom than those religious “humanistic” groups. Every Sunday they preach “love and actions”. These are those who first said: Yes, GOD is in it, HE made the contact, they even thanked GOD for me, and when a ‘better option’ of woman comes around, the same people dare to say, “God said I/we shall leave you”….
      And guess what ??? The church retreat holidays with 600 ppl in Greece… recently they returned from 1-3 weeks of having a nice time (I had not enough money for this but free time exactly during these days, and I urgently needed rest and recovery, but instead I was subject of gossip reproaches and false compassion. My own guilt ? NO !
      My “only” comfort was GOD Himself and heaven’s glory signs all around me. JESUS said, they will bring you to the officials and to the courts and some into prisons…don’t worry !

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