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Committing Again, the Sin of Eve — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for this message.  I hope that many people will see this and repent.  I am very concerned about the people that have taken the jab in ignorance.  There are posts that are announcing that these people do not have salvation.  I know that the Lord is merciful and nothing is impossible with Him.  I need prayer for family members who have been deceived and in need of salvation.  I am still hoping for the harvest to come and deliverances happening everywhere and repentance for all those lost souls.

    • Please don’t worry. The jab cannot be the mark described in Revelation. That will be a global system and so much of the world has not even been offered one. It is a warning sign of what is to come though.
      The rise of transhumanism is, I believe, where the real issues lie. For example what Meta (formerly Facebook) and Elon Musk are doing is more likely to be where things are heading. They are both aiming to chip people/get people to live in a false reality and so on. I won’t go too far into this, but if there is to be anything that is pushed on humanity – it will be technology related and to better or ‘evolve’ the human race somehow. Whatever happens, God is in control. Do not fear because He is sovereign above all man’s or Satan’s plans. He is the Alpha and Omega and knows the end from the beginning.

      • Thank you Suzie for your answer.  I do have peace now. Praise the Lord for sisters that do care and pray for others’ concerns.  I do have a burden for souls and I pray that many people come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus.  MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU AND FAMILY!!!

  2. Lord, as the times are drawing near, the deceptions are becoming more realistic. Help us your Children. Strengthen our eyes that we may see..ears that we may discern the voice of the wolf and the real voice of the Shepherd. Guide us into truth and the part destined for your Glory alone.

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