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Amazing Testimonies of GOD’s Hand Fighting In Ukraine — 5 Comments

  1. Love how the Hand of God is reaching in and changing so many things. What a great word, dear Jacob. Thanks so much for sharing! Love and peace, Sandi

    • Ive had a dream god gets angry at a nation of red and yellow and sends a tsunami and earthquake towards them for planning an attack to another nation and god stopped thier plans and they changed thier minds.

      • I think that dream is about god protecting uraine and stopping the russians and the rushians are going to know it was god who stopped them and they will give up I pray fro Ukraine everyday my whole family does we know god is coming to save his children

  2. I will try and explain this so it makes sense
    When I was younger, I had a real affinity with sunflowers. I painted one on my wall in my teen years by freehand.
    About a year ago, I did a DNA test and, it shows a tiny bit of Ashkenazi Jew from around the Ukrainian area but life moved on and I forgot in all honesty.
    I have looked into my family tree before and spoke to some Messianic Jews who also believed this was my heritage. This was before the DNA test.
    Leading up to the invasion I was so anxious, I could barely function. I was praying but till it actually happened I literally could not do anything except for the basics of life. I have felt it so personally somehow.
    Watching that video and the link with the sunflower has confirmed so much for me. I have been praying so much for the people of Ukraine. I know I am not alone but some specific prayers have been answered for which I give thanks and praise to the Lord.
    This is a huge learning curve for me but it also answering some unanswered questions in my own life. I have been trying to understand all of my life certain things and only now am I getting answers.

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