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The LORD is Healing Your Broken Heart and Fractured Life — 12 Comments

  1. Lord prepare me to receive your healing and to completely trust in you to heal me of my past wounds, revitalize my present and lead me into the liberty and joyfulness of being emotionally,mentally,physically and spiritually whole in Jesus name I pray. Amen

  2. Thank YOU LORD for loving unconditionally despite our sins.. Now please control my whole body and forever aalong with my husband, children and families .. Save us from death from eternal fire

  3. Lord thank YOU for Speaking to Me
    In this Powerful Word of Restoration
    Confirming other of YOUR Words and
    Signs to Me.
    I do Truly Believe it is to be
    IN YOU
    BY YOU
    Thank YOU

    SUCH A deep powerful meaningful beyond word.
    Lord bless all these people.

  4. Lately I’ve been opening up more and more to YHWH specifically about the smear campaign I’ve experienced. One of the lessons that I learned was that I must remember not only who I am but whose I am.  But as I held my peace, it is difficult for the offenders to manipulate me. I entrusted the entire campaign to YHWH and trusting Him Who judges justly.

    • Sister, For some reason the Lord laid you on my heart today. I have followed some of your words given, even when difficult to hear. I miss your messages from the Lord. You gave words that were maybe controversial at the time but has resonated as truth, long before the truth came out and long before others gave words about the same things. I pray the annointing of Elijah continue to rest upon you Sister.

  5. This word is so precious to me. Thank you Lord, and please bless your dear servant who took the time to share it.

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