Coverings (Clothing) are Important! (Pt.2)

[A Prophetic Teaching Word] 
Lesson 2 in Series “What does The Lord Say?” 


The Scripture does tell us not to grieve the Holy Spirit.

Let me point out to you that IF YOU DO, it will definitely effect others who are walking in the Spirit, because they will NOTICE IT WHEN THE SPIRIT IS GRIEVED IN THEM.  It will never fail to manifest in the person who is sensitive and in right relationship with the Holy Spirit when the Spirit in that person is Grieved.  It is a KNOWING because HE IS IN YOU AND YOU KNOW HIS FEELINGS. 

Let me explain.  The fact is when the Holy Spirit in me is grieving or saddened I will feel his grieving.  The reason is that I live in his presence daily and I talk with the Spirit a lot, sharing with Him, listening to him.  We are close, and when He is hurt, I FEEL HIS HURT.  This KNOWING does tell me something is wrong. 

Some time ago I went to a worship in this Church where they believe in Prophetic Words etc.  In the service and during the worship, a young woman got up and went down before the Church and wanted to prophesy and speak a word from God.  She was given room to speak and she begin to speak a wonderful sounding word that really came across as encouraging and helpful to all who were hearing it.  BUT MY SPIRIT WENT NUMB AND COLD….. AND I FELT HIM GRIEVING.  I said, What is wrong, but heard no answer immediately.  Looking at the young woman, the Holy Spirit directed my attention to her dress; she was wearing a very tight pair of men’s blue jeans.  They were literally so tight little was left for the imagination as to her anatomy.  I though to myself, How did she ever get them on?  I think she must have had to lay down in the bed, suck up her stomach and literally quit breathing and at the same time pull on those pants, quickly fastening the hook before relaxing.  I wondered how she could even breathe with them on.  I looked down her legs and saw that the jeans were the “Cowboy Cut” jeans because they were tight on her legs and very snug.

Immediately I knew what the Holy Spirit was saying to me.  HE WAS VERY DEEPLY GRIEVED ABOUT HOW SHE WAS DRESSED.  He was deeply offended.  I said to myself, I just want to leave and walk out as I realized I was hearing HIS THOUGHTS EXACTLY.  He just wanted to leave the room. AND SO DID I AFTER THAT.

Now you must know that the word she was speaking IS IN QUESTION.  The reason is this: If the Holy Spirit was leading her to speak… that did not make a clear connection in my understanding.  HOW COULD THE HOLY SPIRIT BE LEADING HER TO SPEAK WHEN HE WAS SICK AND SAD AND GRIEVED WITH HER?  So where were the thoughts coming from that the young lady spoke???  GOOD QUESTION.  Certainly not from God.  It must have been a Religious Spirit Speaking to her…  she did not even know it!!!!

Another time, Celeste and I attended a local Full Gospel Church where the Pastor is a friend and a good man of God.  When we arrived before the service we were saddened to find out the Pastor was out of town for that Sunday and they had a visiting speaker that day.  We had already been desiring to hear our Friend, because he is a wonderful man of God and always has a good message from God.  When the Service started the music was fine and we settled in for a blessing and begin to worship.  At the time when the visiting speaker came forward, He begin speaking a good sounding message.  Matter of Fact it was very scriptural and right down the line.  But as he spoke into the message about 10 minutes, SUDDENLY I FELT SICK.  Sick in my stomach.  I thought what is going on?  Than I heard the Spirit say to me,“HE IS NOT WHO HE SAYS HE IS!!!”  WOW.  I looked at Celeste and she had a strange look on her face as well.  I just wanted so badly to get up and leave the service, feeling literally like I was going to throw up, but because we were friends with that Church, I would not… but sit and endured all.   I KNEW IT WAS THE HOLY SPIRIT GRIEVED INSIDE OF ME.  He literally was SICK.  I felt Him grieving.  His grieving became my grieving.  IF HE WAS NOT HAPPY, THAN I WAS NOT HAPPY, IF HE WANTED TO LEAVE, I WANTED TO LEAVE.

On the way out of the service that morning we walked across the parking lot and I turned to Celeste and said, HOW DO YOU FEEL?  SHE SAID I FEEL SICK TO MY STOMACH…. WHAT WAS WRONG?  I than told her what the Holy Spirit had said in the service about the speaker not being who he said he was.  ***Immediately I saw a vision of him and he was commuting sexual sins in private and was not behaving like a Preacher should be or acting like a Holy Spirit Filled man, (like he wanted all to think he was).

I wanted to give these stories to illustrate what I am feeling when the Holy Spirit is grieving inside me.

I have had people ask me, isn’t that like judging?  My answer to that was, How could I be the one judging when IT WAS THE HOLY SPIRIT ALL THE TIME WHO DID TELL ME HE WAS GRIEVED.

I really believe this sort of thing is going on A LOT OF THE TIME in churches of today.  The fact is the Word of God gives us warning NOT TO GRIEVE THE HOLY SPIRIT.  It tells us that God Lives INSIDE US WHO ARE SAVED and he goes everywhere we go, and sees everything we see.  The Question here is:  WHAT DOES HE SEE IN YOU?  Is He grieved, or IS HE PLEASED?  Are you a woman or a man… who does dress like the world and has no respect for God?  OR, are you living in such a way that is HIDDEN TO OTHERS but known only to God, and those immediately around you?

Now I tell you this story to let you know as well that the Prophet knows much, because he does listen daily to the Holy Spirit and walks in the prophetic.  The Prophet who is WALKING WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT KNOWS.  This is a gift that comes by the Holy Spirit Himself.


I myself, when I was in the Desert felt that I could not go up to my Altar on the Mountain to worship God if I was dressed appropriate or not clean.  I would always take a shower, change clothes, before going up to Worship God on the Mountain at my Altar.  I was in the Desert 50 miles from anyone.  I was ALONE.  What difference would it have made if I was not dressed at all, there was no body to see me???  At least that could have been my thoughts… but, I knew better.  The Worship at the Altar was like going to Worship in Church or with others.  I WAS GOING BEFORE THE FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT… THEY WOULD SEE ME.  I thought, How can I go up there before God and appear casual and dirty when He is a HOLY GOD.

I ask you the same question.  How do you think it is OK to go before God dressed in clothing that is too revealing or dirty?  What about cross dressing, when the Scriptures WARN ABOUT THAT AND EVEN SAYS IT IS AN ABOMINATION TO DO SO???  How do not you even question this?  Does the Holy Spirit See and Know?  Yes He does, and let me remind you YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO UP ON A MOUNTAIN OR TO CHURCH TO WALK BEFORE GOD.  It is that He IS WITH YOU EVERYWHERE… but just to explain, TO WORSHIP HIM IS A VERY PERSONAL AND MEANINGFUL THING TO DO.  We should be aware of this every time we Worship God, and as well, remember HE SEES ALL WE DO.

I and knowing and sense as I write these teachings that THERE IS SOME WHO ARE OFFENDED AT ME FOR WRITING ABOUT CLOTHING.  The Holy Spirit is grieved even as I write, and I know why…. HE KNOWS YOUR HEART AND IS GRIEVING BECAUSE YOU DO NOT REVERENCE HIM OR FULLY WORSHIP HIM.  I am just saying… this is His Word.  I am writing this for Him, and He wants you to know, HE SEES ALL SOME ARE DOING WHEN THEY COME HERE AND READ THESE MESSAGES.  You think He does not see.  You think He does not know.  Well He knows YOU and He knows YOUR MOTIVES AND HEART.  He sees the sins you hide behind your back as you walk up in Church and begin to speak or sing.  Oh everyone may not feel it…..  (if they are not close to the Holy Spirit) so you may be getting away with it, BUT BE ASSURED HE KNOWS AND I KNOW.  HE TALKS TO ME.  I LISTEN AND I FEEL HIM INSIDE AS HE IS GRIEVED.  You think to yourself IT IS NOT EVEN IMPORTANT HOW I DRESS…  WHO DOES HE THINK I AM AND WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS TO JUDGE ME??  I HEAR YOU.  I HEAR THE SPIRIT AND FEEL HIM INSIDE.  WE ARE CLOSE.  I KNOW. 


Ephesians 4:30,

“And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God [do not offend or vex or sadden Him], by Whom you were sealed (marked, branded as God’s own, secured) for the day of redemption (of final deliverance through Christ from evil and the consequences of sin).”

~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

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  1. Weeping….. when I read part 1, my spirit bears witness with you… this is TRUTH you speak and Confirmation, because after reading part 1, I shared with my fiance’ on covering and I went on to add that “I am grieved in my spirit” reading part 1, because Abba has brought covering to my attention a while ago and you share on similar instances….. and to read today part 2 on grieving with the Holy Spirit.
    I stand and pray in agreement with your shares.
    Thank you for your Obedience.
    Shalom. Denise from South Africa.