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Danger Signals for America — 2 Comments

  1. Father, I thank you for the gift of your watchmen(Prophets) to us. The watchmen just like prophet Ezekiel in Ezekiel 33 vs 1-33 have sounded your warnings severally but some of us your children have mocked them & refused to listen to them & you now promised judgement on us. Father, I beg thee to touch our stony hearts, melt them, & help us to listen to you so your impending judgement will be stopped. Father, forgive us the countless sins of our leaders, Nation, ourselves, families & many more against YOU, your Holy spirit, innocent babies, individuals etc, knowingly or unknowingly. As a loving Father, you don’t wish anyone of us to perish, please Lord, help us the people of America & the land of America to genuinely repent & return to you as our Lord & saviour in Jesus name, Amen.  God Bless you prophet Ken for the boldness to share God’s warnings.

  2. Abba Father today, on behalf of the United States of America, from the greatest to the least, from the oldest to the womb, and from the lowest earthly regions to above the heavens, I repent!! I repent of the blood of innocent babies spilled in this land on the alter of the gods of abortion and witchcraft. I confess and repent on behalf of the Church in the United States of America for allowing the
    enemy to take possession of this land. I embrace today, with overflowing gratitude, the most Beautiful Gift You could have ever given for the United States of Americs, the completed Work of the Cross, and through its power I receive Your forgivess,, thank You Abba, Father.
    Now I petition You Father to pour out Your Son upon every enemy He stripped, conquered, and defeated for us at the Cross and bring them, and their fortresses and strongholds into the ashes and blow them away completely. And Father, take Your position and take complete possession of the United States of America and reign and rule by the power of Your Holy Spirit…completely. Thank You Abba.
    In the Name of Yeshua, Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

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