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Darkness is Being Highlighted — 1 Comment

  1. Yes Yvonne, I have dreamed of owl( represent watchman) and needles… was led about bells and was called as a watchman( both scripture Jer6:17-19, Eze3:16 and number 1111 and 333 was given to me twice in one day )… He has chosen the lowest even the outcast for HIS OWN GLORY that will not be given to another.
    Our God is a holy God ( Lev19:2,20:7,1Pe1:16)and he told us to be holy( set apart)
    because he is a consuming fire( Dt4:24)even HIS VERY WORD( Jer23:29)(his laws, commands and decrees)- the truth by which we are sanctified( Jn17:17).thus those who reject His Holy Covenant- The Ten Commandments ( Ex34:27-28, Dt4:13, Ps105:8-11)and continue to desecrated His Sabbath choose to stay in the outer court will face judgment and death, because they refuse to come to HIM – our shelter and our RESTING PLACE.
    ” Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping HIS COVENANT OF LOVE to a thousand generations of those who LOVE HIM AND KEEP HIS COMMANDS.” (Dt7:9). Amen!

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