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  1. thanks again, Yvonne . for your messages have confirmed many things the LORD has been doing in my life ( even the one about ‘opening of the Golden Vault’). The LORD has called me as a watchman in 8/26/17 to lead his sheep to the SHELTER- the RESTING PLACE , yet the opposition has been always great… I had dreams about the needle: one is my mum ( always represent the Holy Spirit) sewed me an apron and put it on me then she showed me how to put the thread into the eye of a needle… another one is I was invited to a stage to show people how to put a thread into the eyes of several needles the same time … so even I felt alone and been struck down many times by my enemy , but HE has been there all the time to gently lift me up – my maker and my help . I give ALL the glory and honor to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever ! Amen !

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