Deal with this onslaught from hell!

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Deal with this onslaught from hell!

There are so many spirits fighting the men in this hour and we must truly begin to rise up and war for their soul and mind.

So many are being consumed by pornography homosexuality lust addictions rage anger uncontrollable desires.  These spirits are being released against them to strip them of their kingly identity to take their authority and influence to disrupt their destiny and purpose.

God is calling for us to stand in the gap and intercede on their behalf to stand for them to push them to remind them of who they are.  To compel them to get back in their rightful place as the head.

I rebuke and destroy the Ahab spirit that causes them to surrender their position of authority to the woman, the spirit of manipulation, the spirit of role reversal, the Nabel spirit, that causes them to make foolish decisions and lack wisdom and understanding, the spirit that causes them to put their family at risk for destruction, the Nimrod spirit that makes them a tyrant a man of violence, a man of unhealthy pride, a man that produces unnatural fear in the family, the Succubus spirit that causes masturbation, that opens a man up to unnatural sexual appetites within the man which produces adultery, fornication, pedophiles, incest, to cause divorce, separation, the spirit of Mammon that drives a man to crave power, money, to become ruthless, to neglect his family, to become jealous, envious, cutthroat, and produces also domestic violence, because of his pursuit to achieve which causes him to blame his wife and family if he doesn’t.

I’m praying for our men many have kept secrets of molestation, rape, abuse, locked inside of them.  Many have not seen or felt real love.  Many are silent about the true things that are bothering them, so I’m praying standing in the gap, praying for their deliverance, praying that they can find someone they can trust to really confine in, that can help them and not harm them more!!

I know the king has been locked up inside our men and it’s time for him to come forth.

Let’s put an arsenal of intercession around our men and let’s pray that their eyes our open that they see who God has truly made them that they will shake off the false identity of a man and be the king priest visionary and valiant warrior that God has created him to be.  The head and authority in the earth!


The awesome wonder of God’s Spirit

The awesome wonder of God’s Spirit is simply amazing.  As I sit here this morning reflecting back on the many times that God’s Power intercepted and intervened in difficult and trying circumstances I can’t help but give Him praise.

The little things He has done the whisper of His voice as He directed me and instructed me throughout my life has me in awe.  As I think about the times when I was not in His will and He yet kept me and watched over me I just weep.

To think that He would not allow death to take me before my time and how He overrode the traps and snares setup for me has me in tears this morning.  To know that even in the womb of my mother when the enemy wanted to kill me how He shielded me even when the report of the doctor to my mother was negative but yet she held on to my life even in her discomfort keeps me in a place of gratitude and thankfulness.

Sometimes we need to look back not in longing but in reflection when life and circumstances come against you and you see were the hand & love of God was there guiding you through some very rough times of your life.  Those times when you were suppose to lose your mind those times when you should have died but didn’t those times when trouble said take your life or take someone life but God step in and shielded and protected you.

When we really take a look at our life we can give God glory.  Today I just want to praise Him I just want to lay in the arms of His presence and just say Father I thank you, I appreciate you, I adore you.

I don’t want to ask Him for anything.  I don’t want anything right now but to enjoy His love.  I’m grateful.  I’m thankful for Him, just being my creator.

Today I’m asking Him what can I do to show you that I love you, how can I be pleasing in your sight, I’m giving you all that I am I’m going to do all I can to show you Father I love you, with all my heart and might!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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