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Dealing with Grief — 2 Comments

  1. Oh dear grieving ones, I am truly sorry for your loss. After years of grief and search I found the only place of full comfort which is in the presence of sweet Jesus. No matter how overwhelming, stay there and receive.
    Some years ago I translated this song into Greenlandic and versioned it. I gave the song and the text to a man who just lost his wife. Today I have a good contact with his daughter, she is one part of comforting others too.
    With much love. Lucia

  2. So sorry for the loss, can’t even imagine the death of a child, you and your dear friend are in my prayers. I lost my younger brother (only sibling) 2 years ago and my mom 4 months ago, it is so very hard. But God is certainly faithful and a sweet comfort. He has given me beautiful dreams of them in Heaven. I pray He will send his angels to comfort you. God Bless!

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