Dealing With Snake Spirits — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Apostle Barbara,

    I used to believing snake was my “spirit animal” before I became born again. This snake keeps multiplying and deliverance happens often when a snake spirit will manifest and then someone casts it out.
    I see it’s attached to a Jezebel spirit and am learning to understand it’s ways so I can counter it. No flirting with males or sexual activity helps, repentance is so important because even though the spirit is working through you, you are still the one doing the actions.
    I want to be completely delivered, and God is doing this.

  2. Hello woman of God I’ve been dealing with something moving around in my stomach for about 2years now it up in my throat moving around and in my stomach please help me

  3. Need prayer of others and help in interpretation. I hope to make sense, as I write this…

    I woke up this morning, with a note in our bed, and read what he wrote. I am very alarm, but not shaken. My husband’ left this prophetic note, before he went to work – it is a serious problem. And I need your help; how I pray against this demonic spirit.

    I have asked God’s forgiveness, unsure what I have done wrong, and trying to know what else, I need to pray against it in Jesus’ name. Thank you for helping me.

    The note:
    Evelyn has a big rolled up.
    Green snake inside the house. I tell her to get it outside before it unravels. It is heavy. She is not careful taking it out

  4. Greetings from Whittier, CA. I have been photographing an illuminated snake in my backyard for the past few months. It looks like an Anaconda. Each time it is glowing but I do not see it with my naked eye, it appears on my camera when I take the photo. I’ve gotten about 6 photos of this creature so far. However tonight (9/8/18) I photographed it behind my house in the alley only this time it’s completely RED. What does it mean? Do you have an email address I can email the photos to you? I am a Christian and soldier of God. Should this worry me?

  5. Hi Woman of God. Hope all is well with you. I’m so troubled and disturbed by continously seeing snake in my dreams. Something might be responsible for this. I’ve been praying about this but it keeps repeating itself everytime. Please include need your help.

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