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  1. Amen and Amen to this timely warning word of truth. THanks so much for sharing and giving clarity in an hour of confusion and desperation of so many. Blessings to you Prophet Ken, Sandi Holman

  2. Interestingly enough, Dr. Patricia Green had a similar prophetic word given on 8/8/2023 and it agrees with the above that Ken Dewey just released. The same scripture, Ezekiel 9, was cited.
    That word is here:
    The two words are in total agreement, and I find that fascinating. I like how we get prophetic confirmation in this way. Praise God.

  3. I was at work today when the Holy Spirit reminded how He led me yesterday to Isaiah 37 where the Lord answers Hezekiah’s prayer for help against Sennacherib, and I quote,
    “The virgin daughter of Zion despises and mocks you.
    The daughter of Jerusalem tosses her head as you flee.
    Who is it you have insulted and bleasphemed?
    Against whom have you raised your voice and lifted your eyes in pride?
    Against the Holy One of Israel!
    By your messengers you have heaped insults on the Lord.”

    Mr. Dewey, what I’m dealing with, and what’s been contending with me…..I so needed these words today.
    One day while I was doing what the Lord has taught me to do and just pray for and forgive them, suddenly I heard the Lord say, “Their bodies will lie dead in the streets.” This surprised me. But the Lord has since taught me that that voice is the voice of Justice, and that’s what Justice demands. I continue still to pray for and forgive them, lest my heart become bitter. But I’ve heard more than once the Spirit of God say that they will meet their end together.
    God bless you Mr. Dewey.

  4. Interesting that the destroying Angels were to start in the Temple (Church). Will the first to fall be the false teachers in the Church?

  5. This word is such a confirmation Mr. Dewey. I’m so grateful for the encouragement!!
    Thank You Lord.
    God bless you Mr. Dewey. :)

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