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    He knows, saw, FORESEE the past, present, tomorrow & FUTURE.
    There is a TIME and reason for precedential to reside
    He.is heavenly throne superior/judge in the spiritual and physical realms. HE will NOT BE MOCK, ignore, misrepresented & know mankind has limited life’s support. COVID 19 represents one of Exodus PLAGUES millions perish DAILY from it.GOD doesn’t proceed one’s FREE WILL, he’s pleading through HIS TRUE SERVANTS 2come surrender to HIS son JESUS CHRIST NOW. Tomorrow is NEVER promised. Any deadly disease, vaccines, any unexpected occurrences has a number with a NAME ATTACHED (young or old). Tick tock⌚⏰☝☝☝

  2. Oh Lord Have Mercy on Us as You Make us “ONE NATION UNDER GOD, as Your KINGDOM COME UNTO US! Thank You Lord that when YOU WIN- WE ALSO WIN!☝

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