December 2015: Divine Preparation


Welcome to December beloved!  The last month of the year is here!  I will now speak to you according to the word that God has given me for you for this month.

The Lord said to me that the month of December shall be a month of ‘Divine Preparation’, for even many of you have been in the divine crucible, as God allowed you to be crushed and broken, that He may mold you and remake you into his vessel of the hour.

For many of you who are reading this, 2015 has been a year of many trials, but God sent me to tell you to be of good cheer, for it is not without purpose you have been through all this. Rather, it has been so that in the end you may see the faithfulness of God.

Ah, you will indeed see the faithfulness of God in the days to come, for God said, “Tell those who have waited for Me, I AM coming to perfect everything in their lives.”

This December shall complete the series of what God has been doing in your life, to prepare you for a glorious 2016.

Earlier, in the month of September, The Lord took me into your future and I saw the end of the month of December.  I saw many who have had a very tough 2015 receiving divine comfort and rejoicing greatly at what God had done for them by Christmas-time.  Lord Jesus!  My hands are on fire even as I type this out!

This December shall hold key for you for there will be a turnaround in many of the matters for which you have trusted God to move in your life.

I also went into 2016 and I saw many servants of God rejoicing at the goodness of God in their ministries.  I saw expansion taking place in ministries and many servants traveling and receiving divine connections to different nations on the planet.  I saw great miracles taking place that brought much joy to God’s people, and The Lord said to me, “Tell them, 2016 will be a year with a difference.”

The Lord also took me into the political world of Kenya and He said to warn the politicians of hypocrisy.

I saw many of those in high office attending church to portray a likeness of spirituality, but their hearts were not with God at all.  I also saw the state of the church in Kenya.  Only a few are truly praying and seeking The Lord, but the vast majority are sitting as spectators in God’s house.

The Lord sent me to tell you Kenya: “Wake up!”’ and He asks you, “How long shall you sleep while things are going wrong in your nation?  Have I not chosen you as My instruments to establish My purposes among them who are around you?”

The Lord also gave me Revelation 3:14-22 for you.  Go and read it and do according to the words.  And God says, “If we will rise and pray for the nation, for the leaders, for the unsaved, and for those who are oppressed,” He will move in his power and it shall be well with us.

Now, understand that 12 is the number of perfection of divine government.  A government by definition is a group of persons who officially control a nation.

Israel had 12 foundational elders who represented divine government in the old testament; the church also had 12 foundational apostles who did the same in the new testament.  There are many things that can be said about the number 12: for example, there are 12 hours to the day, then the season changes and we have 12 hours of the night.  In other words, after 12 the season will definitely undergo some changes.  This is what is about to happen in many of your lives: in the 11th month [which is 12 minus 1 and also 10 plus 1, representing chaos and disorder] many of you could not understand what was happening in your lives; many things seemed to be falling out of place, but in this 12th month, the disorder you have seen in your life will be turned into divine order.

In this month, Jesus, the prince of peace will bring forth peace [nothing missing, nothing broken] into your life.  To those of you who have cried out to God concerning your situations The Lord gave me psalm 5 for you.

You will have cause to rejoice in this month, for God shall remember you wipe away your tears and to lift you up.  The Lord also gave me this word for many of you who have been much discouraged in this year; for He said, “Tell them it is not time to give up.  I, The Lord, I AM looking for those who will put their faith in Me to turn around their lives,” and He said, “Tell them I have not forgotten them, but the time is coming when I will display My power in their lives.”

I also saw it in the spirit, when God began to move, it seemed like a small grain of wheat, but I saw the divine force-field increase and become so formidable in the face of the enemies of God’s people.  God will systematically cut down the powers that have been stopping your destiny.

I declare it now upon your December: double joy, double peace and double blessings will locate your life, in Jesus name.

I declare the glory of God will cut down every power that has challenged you from January to November.

I declare it: just as you have seen the first day of this month, you will also see the first day of 2016 in the name of Jesus.

I declare it: when others will be written in the book of those who are going down, your name will be written in the book of those who are going up.

I declare order in your life, order in your finances, order in your family, order in your health and order in your spiritual walk with God in Jesus’ name.

I declare it: what was denied to you before this month began shall now be released to you and I declare that in this December you embrace what eluded you between January and November.

Come on, raise your faith, and receive it in Jesus’ name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi


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