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  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for building up
    I heard about the battle over our testimony and destiny. I have seen a pattern in the way the Lord uses me. He tells me to share with you a subject, then He tells me to be still 2 Sam. 22. I stand still and wait until He tells me to share something else. While waiting, I can share my feelings with my Savior and my testimony with others. In my everyday prayer, I start to bless God Most High, then ask Him to put His name on the Israelites and Netanyahun especially. We are raised up with special love for Jerusalem, you know like a treasure. Lately, I have started to pray for Netanyahu, Trump, Løkke and Kielsen (in that order) according to the declarations and decrees that I believe is sent in right time and will be a great blessing for all congregations. This morning, I was taking something else, then my dairy from Israel fell down, so I have been reading and thinking a lot of Israel today. I believe that the Temple is being build on its rightful place, I guess that will be the subject I will share sooner, or later. Bless the Lord God, bless Israel and bless the rest of us who are grafted in. Lucia Ludvigsen
    PS Thank you Angus, blessings to you back from Greenland

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