Demonic Attacks Released on the USA

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Demonic Attacks Released on the U.S.A.

In prayer this morning and the Spirit of The LORD begin to deal heavily with me concerning the mind.

He said, “Rebuke the murderous impulses that are being triggered by satan through the frontal lobe of the mind the at the base of the brain stem.”

He said, “Uproot the spirit of hidden insanity and psychotic impulses.”

He said,  “Rebuke the psychopath spirit and the spirit of inheritance mental illness.  Block the demonic connections in the mind that brings forth a killer instinct.”

As I was praying, I heard Idaho, Ohio, Boston Massachusetts, DeCatur, GA and Chicago.  I heard the words, “Genocide, massacre, slaughter, sneak attacks.”

For Chicago I heard,  “Pray against the Aztec Moabite and Molech spirits.  The drug cartel the Leviathan Babylon Mammon spirits are heavy in that region.”

As I was praying for Chicago, I saw a enormous baboon over that region hovering completely over it.  But I also saw a gigantic angel that would use His sword to destroy demonic spirits.  But only when he would hear the intercession of the righteous.

As I prayed, the Spirit of The LORD said the people are missing the true warfare that is behind the attacks, the killings, the increase in violence, the shifting in the nations and governments. the attacks against the financial institutions.

The hacking of accounts is not just randomly being done.

People, see beyond the obvious, don’t prophesy from observation or spiritual misinformed information.

The Jezebel – Ahab combination is working hard in the church in this hour.

Intercessors prayer warriors we must be on high alert.  Listen!  Listen!  Listen!  See in the Spirit!  It’s truly praying time!

You Cannot Buy God’s People!

The devil is a ancient liar.  People, don’t think that they are going to control the real men and women of God.

I rebuke the puppeteer spirit that is loosed among the Body of Christ.

Keep your controlling offerings!  You can take back your witchcraft blessings!  You can flush down the toilet your contaminated seeds!  Your finances, your material things, nothing will control them.

Also, we will not jump through hoops for you, just because you call us a ‘spiritual parents,’ you can’t threaten us to make us do for you or stay in a relationship with you.

We don’t care what you know or think you know.  We don’t bow to demons and devils.

How dare you try to treat your leaders like puppets, thinking you can pulled strings, because you sow to them or bless them?

No, keep your manipulation.  Nothing will separate us from The LORD!

I rebuke in the name of Jesus, every python, (come to squeeze the life out of you) boa constrictor, (swallows you whole and eats you alive) cobra (come to bite and release poison) spirit, every Dagon spirit, that wants to make itself a god in our lives.

I cast down and break it in pieces right now in Jesus name.

Father, authorized your angels of battle and war to come forth and fight on our behalf.

Cut, severe and burn demonic cords of connection and give us freedom from yokes of iron place upon our necks in Jesus name.

We decree today that the weapons formed against us shall not prosper and we are victorious conquerors and strong in faith in Jesus name.  Amen!!

Now run and tell that!

Nothing can buy a true laborer of Christ.  Somebody has told somebody a whole lie!

Your money perish with you, for thinking you can buy not only the things of God, but His righteous servants!

Leaders – A Special Announcement

Just because your leader is covering you, that doesn’t mean you are to let them take your identity from you.

Stop allowing people to change the vision that God has given you.

I’m noticing some of these leaders are changing or designing people’s logos, to look just like theirs; that they name is on everything, taking away the authority from the people, even concerning the visions God has given them.  They are revising the original vision of the person to match theirs.  They are forcing their ideas into the pattern of the original mandate of the vision.

Leaders, if God told you to cover the person, then that’s what you do.  God already gave that leader the vision, plan and purpose, and He has the master blueprint.  You are to help them with their vision not recreate your vision in theirs.

Stop taking the vision of the people and making them clones of yours!

We are to help them establish enhance and build what God has purpose for them to do in the earth, not force our ideas on them changing what God has uniquely given to them.

Let’s not let egos get in the way of us helping others to establish what God has given them to do.  His plan, His way!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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Demonic Attacks Released on the USA — 2 Comments

  1. Mighty woman of God thank you for the revelation that The Holy Spirit has given you. It truly ministered to me. I’m a prophet for Jesus Christ in Miami flat. For 33years also an Apostle since 1998. Territorial spirits Are strong in Miami but I’m learning to tear them. .down in Jesus name.!!!! Thanks again love you in the Lord

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