Destiny Distractions!

Destiny Distractions!! –
by Kevin Stevens and Julie Price


Julie and I are releasing this word together since we have been walking a lot of this out together in this time and season.

We are in a season of great birthing, hallelujah!  Passing through the month of September, the 9th month, the number nine biblically represents productivity, birthing, even the delivery and release of all the promises of God concerning our destiny in Him.

The LORD is the LORD of DESTINY!  You are sons of DESTINY!  You are daughters of DESTINY!  Glory to God!  This month many of you are getting ready to release that which the LORD has put on the inside of you.

“You’ve been carrying the promise.  You’ve been walking out the promise,” says the LORD.

Now is the time of manifestation of the promises of God.  However, the closer we get to the birthing comes the travailing and the labor pains associated with the release and delivery of the promise.

Many of you are coming through the birthing canal of what God has spoken over you prophetically concerning your destiny.  You have felt like you are in a tight place, many of you even in a dark place, but the LORD says,  “Now is not the time to get distracted from the destiny I’ve placed before you.”

The closer you get, the harder the enemy is going to attack and oppose you because he knows both what is on the inside of you and also what you will become in the Kingdom of God for God’s glory.

In the book of Judges we read about a powerful and anointed man of God named Samson.  Samson was a man with a great anointing and destiny upon his life. He was dedicated even from birth to be a Nazarite, completely consecrated and dedicated to the LORD by his parents.

God handpicked Samson to be a deliverer for the nation of Israel.  He was immensely strong in physical stature and when the Spirit of the LORD came upon Him he was mighty in the realm of the Spirit as well.  He was a mighty man of God.

But with the anointing we must always remember the enemy will try and contaminate the pure flow of oil that comes forth from our lives.  With a destiny, the enemy will try and distract us and pull us off the path of destiny the LORD has set before us.  The enemy also knows every prophetic word that has been released from heaven concerning you. And the enemy will oppose that word fiercely.

With that, we must guard our hearts from distraction, and we must guard the anointing of the Holy Spirit within us.  To guard something means: to keep safe from harm, to protect, to watch over.  To keep under control or restraint as a matter of caution; to safeguard, prevent loss, to be watchful.  We must guard our hearts and His anointing!

Acts 10:38 says, “God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all those oppressed by the devil because God was with Him.”  So, it’s clear that the enemy despises anyone who is willing to pay the price to walk in the anointing of the Spirit’s power.  He will stop at nothing to render you ineffective to serve the LORD.

When we don’t stand on guard, the enemy comes in begins to drain your spirit; making you less effective.  This is another reason why we must be mindful of our connections and alignments and the affect that this has in the spirit realm.  The enemy will use anything to contaminate and hinder the flow of the anointing upon your life.

Therefore we MUST guard the anointing on our lives.  It’s the anointing that destroys yokes!  (Isaiah 10:27).  Those under the enemy’s influence become liberated by the anointing of God; His spirit at work in our lives.  You must guard it!  The anointing drives out demons and unclean spirits (Mark 1:21-26).

Acts 5:12, 19:11, and 2 Corinthians 12:12 show us that special authority was given to the apostles to demonstrate and display the gospel with miracles, signs and wonders following.

More than anything, Satan wants to prevent this power from manifesting in the earth through people like you and me.  And he knows if he can’t corrupt us as vessels and contaminate that oil, he can just get us busy and distracted.  Either one will work for him because the end result is the same; we become a people no longer marked by the anointing poured out on us.

Guard your heart!  Guard your space in the secret place!  Guard the anointing entrusted to you!

Your heart, your spirit, is the vessel that the anointing of the Holy Spirit is poured out upon and moves through.  If we don’t guard our hearts, we can become contaminated vessels with impurities that will contaminate the oil we carry.  Oh!  Do you hear this church?!

This is why consecration and separation are so powerful.  To be consecrated and separated means you are dedicated to the LORD and His purposes for the sake of the Kingdom.  You know that you have to lay specific boundary lines and keep yourself separated from things in certain areas of your life.

There is power in separating yourself from things that are unclean.  Anything that could contaminate your relationship with God and your ability to be a pure vessel for Him to flow through must be dealt with.  We must all evaluate the areas of our lives, amen?!

In Joshua 3:5 it says “Joshua told the people to consecrate themselves. For tomorrow the LORD will do AMAZING THINGS AMONG YOU.”  In 1 Corinthians 7:1-6, the people of God were told to bath themselves and change their clothes, and devote themselves wholly to the LORD.

It’s time for a new beginning; a cleansing.  When we willingly consecrate ourselves, we are choosing to lay our lives down and become sanctified, holy, pure vessels of honor for His Spirit to flow through, and what an honor that is!

There are so many scriptures regarding consecration and separation.  I charge you to study this out and purify your vessel to carry His glory in manifested signs and wonders upon this earth.  You and I MUST do whatever it takes.  It will cost you.  It will cost you relationships.  It will cost you being understood.  It will cost you your reputation.  It will require much of you!  But you must do it!  Guarding your heart and protecting that oil is vital!  YOU MUST!

As mighty as Samson was in physical strength it also wasn’t long before he started wavering off the path set before him.  It says in Judges 14:8 that Samson “turned aside to see the carcase of the lion: and , behold, there was a swarm of bees and honey in the carcass of the lion.”

Samson was easily distracted.  It’s not long after he begins walking that he is drawn off the path by something that appears sweet and beneficial to him.  But what he does not realize is there is a swarm of bees ready to attack him.

I hear the Spirit of the LORD saying that in this season it is so crucial that we do NOT get off of our paths of destiny for things that APPEAR sweet and LOOK like they could be from the LORD.

During your birthing process and as you are walking out the promises of God, the enemy loves to come and offer you something that is LESS than the BEST God has planned for your destiny.

The LORD says,  “Do not entertain anything that contradicts the words I have already spoken to you.”

The LORD says,  “I have not spoken in vain, and I will do what I have said regardless of how opposite the circumstances may appear to be concerning the promises and destiny I have placed upon your life.”

When we get off of the path of destiny we find exactly what Samson did, a DEAD carcass. Getting out of the flow of the anointing and the place and destiny that the LORD has set before us makes room for the enemy to come in like a flood and quench what the Spirit of the LORD is doing in us and through us.

There will be a deadness in the Spirit when we veer out of God’s ordained place for us to be.  Your destiny doesn’t just involve you, but all of the lives attached to your destiny!  All of those people who will be greatly impacted by our lives and ministries because we have made His destiny for our lives our priority and purpose.

Hallelujah, this is no time to TURN ASIDE from your highest destiny.  Yes it is painful.  Yes, many of you feel lonely as walk through this process.  But if you will hang in there not only will you see the birthing and manifestation of His promise but you will fulfill the destiny for which you were created.

One of the ways the enemy loves to pull us off the path of destiny pertains to alignments.  It’s very important who and what you align yourself with.  Notice that Samson aligned with the Philistine woman and it led him right into the enemy’s camp!

If we miss hearing God’s heart on this, we can align ourselves with the enemy’s plans for our lives.  This is a VERY IMPORTANT key for you to grab today!  God’s heart for connections and alignments is the master key to all the doors that are before you right now.

If you use this key, it won’t open any doors that shouldn’t open for you, because this key won’t fit the wrong doors.  God will go before you and open the doors He wants to open for you and no man will shut them! (Isaiah 22:22, Revelations 3:7).

However, when we don’t get clear instruction from the Father, and follow that, we will walk through wrong doors that can hinder, delay, and potentially take us completely off the destiny path God has for us.  Use the key!

In the days to come, many things will look good.  They might even taste good if you can get your hands on it; just like the honey in the carcass of the lion.  But just because it looks good and tastes good, doesn’t mean that it’s God.

Because of this, you could end up getting stung by the enemy. It’s not worth it.  Good things aren’t necessarily God things.  The only way to really know is to use the master key.  This key will always lead to life.  All else ends in spiritual death.

Misalignments are destiny distractions.
When you step into the fullness of who you are in Christ,
your unique destiny in Him,
with the right alignments in place
you are a triple threat to the kingdom of darkness.

The enemy knows that when you reach this point you are well armed and extremely dangerous.  Just as a women is laboring to deliver a child, you must keep your focus on one thing, and that one thing is Jesus!

Don’t let the enemy distract you with spirits of division, jealousy, competition, pride, or anything else he tries to throw at you!  The enemy loves to throw all kinds of chaos into the atmosphere around you so that you can’t focus, but focus you must!

Don’t let wrong connections or the circumstances around you take you off the path God has for you.  Stay in alignment.  Stay close to Abba’s heart.  Don’t get distracted by any of the problems you may be facing.  Trust Abba to deliver you and keep you and bring you through all things.

Some of the decisions you make won’t make sense to those around you; pass the test.  Your allegiance is to Jesus.  You owe no man, no-thing.  Walk in love, but remain established in His plans and purposes for your life.  The people around you don’t have to understand, but one day they will.  They will see the salvation of your God manifesting in your life.

Let God speak for Himself in your life in the days to come.  If you do, the LORD will go before you and fight your battles.

Just receive this today.  You are God’s anointed!  God has raised you up to subdue everything the enemy sends to try and stop you.  Use your key and you will see the double-doors beginning to open.

When God opens them, through your obedience to follow His heart, and not to walk through just any door, gates are going to open before you that can never be shut again.  The LORD, our mighty warrior, stands ready to go before you and make those crooked places straight; to destroy anything the enemy has built in the spirit realm to try and stop you.

The LORD is about to hand over the treasures of darkness to those you have stayed the course and remained obedient to His heart for them.  Hidden riches of many kinds are coming to His people as a reward for their obedience,  (Isaiah 45:1-3)!


~ Kevin Stevens & Julie Price

Keven StevensKevin Stevens is a Pastor, Evangelist, Revivalist, and Author out of Western N.Y.  It is Kevin’s heart and passion to write prophetically under the unction of the Spirit of God.  Kevin’s books “A Word for the Weary” and “Moving Mountains” are available now on Amazon.

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  1. Very blessed through this nessage. Am seeking God to fill me with His Holy Spirit so He can guide me through this journey.

  2. Thankyou! I receive this word today, it spoke to me very deeply and very profoundly. Wow!