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Destroying Cords Off Souls, Minds & Spirits — 11 Comments

  1. Hi there I’m dealing with something considered as mind control but it has to do with electrical weapons it’s considered to be called v2k voice to skull and MK ultra mind control I’m being controlled by people and electronical devices which are the programming my brain and I was wondering if there’s a prayer that you could possibly post or send me that I could pray over myself everyday please and thank you

  2. This site has been an answer to a prayer request I left on the Daystar tv voicemail for prayer to sever the puppet strings over me and the control over my life by a witch who used to be a pastor and a man in the occult, the 2 main ones who are obsessed with surveilling/ stalking & dehumanizing me daily by invoking demon gods, placing spells/curses and forming daily ties with me, in the solar plexus region, below the sternum, on my back, neck and head & switching/transferring the personas of others onto me.
    They’ve latched onto me, my family, my employers, people I interact with to control & destroy my relationships, and using mistrust/suspicion to get others to join their bandwagon to surveil/stalk and control me.

  3. I praye thie prayer for myself ans every member of my family it may concern , we receive total healing peace and deliverance, in Jesus Name.AMen Glory to God Glory to the King of Kings

  4. I pray this prayer upon Nicolette Stern’s incestous relationships and her entire bloodline up down left and right. Every demonic incestous stronghold upon this bloodline and David Stern’s bloodline be uprooted, severed and banished in Jesus name.

  5. Timely prayer for the season of unfaithfulness I am experiencing. Thank you God for liberty for our spouses who have gone astray.

  6. I prayed this prayer for my son who has been in a ungodly soul tie with his children mother it is a very toxic relationship I have prayed for him for 14 yrs to be set free I prayed God save them
    And they either get married if it not your will sever this relationship I went on a fast for him yesterday and I see this prayer today 3 children born out of this ungodly soul tie started out sexual I told him God can set you free or he can save her, and you I y’all can do it God ways in agreement if not sever it God Amen

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