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Red Alert: A Vision of the Coming Storm — 6 Comments

  1. Mary, I cannot begin to tell you line upon line what the Lord spoke to me in this word. God bless your faithful, obedient heart to be His intercessor and prophetic prayer leader and warrior who waits. You may or may not see this but long ago you gave me permission to repost your words. I will be putting it on my blog heartmattersblog.org with a big credit and shout out to you for sending this timely encounter. May His blessings and honor overflow as you move forward at His command. Much love, Sandi Holman

  2. God has me in Isaiah – HE will use the Assyrians to bring Israel to their knees. Assyria will be boastful and proud of its strength, but it was God using them to shake His people, and just at the brink of them destroying Israel, God intervenes!
    Israel and America seem to be in unison here.
    All of the major cities will be desolate. 10% of the people will be left. I said oh God 330 million will die here? HE said no – they will be displaced. And the aliens will return home. This was all revealed in Isaiah. We will not be raptured. We will walk through this. Those without God will wander and wander. Those who love God have a responsibility to reach our family, friends, and neighbors. Many laugh at us! But they will remember our words (God’s) when this D time comes. ❤️ Soon.

  3. This is very true I had a similar vision mine was a big storm with rain and fire burning everything, stones and trees and house were melting and where I was standing also was fire and rain but I started praying to God to save me in this vision then all of sudden where I was standing God put a shield to cover me while other were fighting for their life but for some reason when I wake up I pray for a bit and ignore as if the devil did not want me to remember or say anything
    This is real and we all should be careful, watchful and prayerful let’s try our best to work right with God it is not easy but because we are Christian and the world is looking at us to see how God will save us believers that believe in him in such calamity and we don’t want the devil to laugh at us by saying(after all these years you still end up like me) so let be mindful

  4. Thank you Mary. I always pay attention when you post and this is no exception. Thank you for sitting with this and praying into the vision and releasing when the Lord said.  A discipline in maturity seldom seen. Bless you!

  5. Nothing, absolutely nothing can stop the Dunamis power of God!  May His Mercy speak for us as regards the forth coming storms. Thanks for sharing this great spiritual visions with us. More divine healing & anointing on you, your family & ministry.

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