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Disgruntled Disconnections & Devious Partnerships — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for comforting us
    I still hear the words from “High places in our hearts” and “The tree”. The words have comforted me through hurtful words toward me, and my dear ones since I read these articles. I understand broken hearts and also joyful hearts better than I understand those in high positions. Reading these wonderful articles is like having a warm coat in wintertime. Including each other in love is so important.
    Keep praying for those in high positions as they are coming forward. Bless those in low positions at the same time, those are the ones, the leaders will include and work for in compassion. Press in the love of God, the Lord is working wonderfully all over. Praise the Lord and keep Him in center. Yes, I am with you. I read your articles and learn. Do not try to put me in positions I am not called to be in, I am not a general or anything else high. I am one of you as we are in One Body in Christ, believing in God Almighty I pray for those you ask us all to pray for, and I am trying to comfort those who have much need, see Isaiah 66:2. Bless Israel continually and the children. God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

  2. You are so right on in this there need to be more teaching on this we are the people Of God . Because a person set in on teaching does not mean that person is try to join your group that mean you are teaching something the mog or wog
    Need to finish what they were call to do.
    So Thank You WOG for this lesson.
    Be bless in our Father. Much

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