Divination in the Body


There has to be an answer and a real explanation for many things we are seeing today.

God spoke through Zephania, to say something to His people of that day.  He spoke of cities and kingdoms who had strayed from Him; what they must do to avoid His anger.

“Her prophets are light and treacherous persons. Her priests, have polluted the Sanctuary,”   Zephaniah 3:4.

Nobody wants to talk about God’s anger in this hour.  Many claim it’s *dispensational.

I wonder how we might feel, if our son had given His life in such a manner.  And what if people who were supposed to be following Him, were using His name to make money; to obtain wealth?

What if people were yet prophesying and declaring healing and other things that were not true?  That this too, was about the love of money.

The godly fear and genuine respect that brings true wisdom. is cast away by words that make people feel good about themselves.  In many places that appear successful, there is no cross; no burden.

Others defined the word “light” that is used here, as those who are being reckless.  Some said insolent, and wanton.  It makes sense, that any prophet or priest, that makes it more about what they are doing and promoting themselves, is a light, even shallow person.

It is truly treacherous to use His platform to promote our own ways; not following after the lead of the Spirit.  Luring people into following a person, rather than Jesus Christ and His Spirit, is indeed insolent.

We’ve seen much of this kind of manipulation, in many places over the years.  Television, allowed us to see it in its worse stage.  The promising of a blessing, if you donate to their cause, is not so bad in itself.  But to try to withhold a promise if people don’t, is not only shallow, but also very polluted.

This is not my message, and it is not easy.  I saw a video here [Facebook] of little ones praying for people.  I could not help but observe the way they did it.  God save and bless those dear children, but they obviously learned this from adults doing the same thing.  There are anointed children; but they are not copycats.

My heart smote me.  It’s a topic that most of us have avoided talking about for years now.

I can only say what I feel.  Being slain in the Spirit is a wonderful thing; there’s nothing that compares to it.  The condition of having the Spirit poured out on you so strongly, can not be duplicated.

We saw this many times in churches in years gone by.  I am hesitant to say, that it was not like what we see so often today.  God can use everything for His purpose.  He can and is using people we disapprove of and mistrust.  However, God is not mocked.

Trying to substitute men’s power for Holy Ghost power, can so rightly be called pollution.  As seen on here [Facebook], promising a blessing and prosperity on people, especially if they check like and share, could be and likely is a form of using our own power.

There simply is no substitute for the Holy Ghost; it’s Him, or it’s not. In my heart, I wonder if others realize, that Satan has used men’s desire for being exalted, for his own evil purposes.  It seems designed, to construct an entire generation, that does not know the true move of the Spirit.

If we are not seeking to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost, we have now begun entertaining something other than that which is of God.

If on a daily basis, we are not asking the Spirit to search us and reveal what is not of Him, we might be deceived and not even know it.  And the longer we stay in that place, the deeper that deceit might become.

We need God’s holy angels surrounding us.  Our human spirits, are no match for the demons of hell.  We have to intercede in the Spirit.  Coasting, is not a luxury we can afford now.


* Dispensational:  Dispensationalism is a religious interpretive system for the Bible.  It considers Biblical history as divided deliberately by God into defined periods or ages to each of which God has allotted distinctive administrative principles.

~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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