Divine Discover, Recovery & Reset!


We have entered into a season of divine discovery, divine recovery and divine reset in the earth.

Tonight during my prayer time I clearly heard the Spirit say, “Tell My people this is the hour and season of divine discovery, divine recovery and divine reset in the earth.

Watch!  For even now I AM releasing supernatural rest and great blessing to those who have been in a season of w”Rest”Ling.”

I Decree:  That in the days ahead many of you will begin to ‘discover’ new realms and deeper dimensions of his love, peace and supernatural favour.

Get ready!  For breakthrough upon breakthrough upon breakthrough.  I see every area of brokenness and barrenness suddenly bursting forth with the beauty and bounty of his glory and goodness.

I Declare:  That this season of your life has been crowned with a bountiful harvest, yes!

Even the hard pathways will overflow with his abundance.  I hear heaven herald, “This is the hour of ‘new beginnings, new life and a new kingdom era’ in the earth”!

I see the hand of God moving swiftly and mightily on behalf of his anointed in this hour.

Watch!  For divine recovery and redemption draws nigh, for God is now redeeming lost time, reviving lost hopes, visions and dreams and restoring what the enemy stole from you in the last season.

I Prophesy:  There is a sudden season shift that is now taking place in your life, for the winds of change are now blowing upon the Body of Christ.

Watch!  For a greater manifestation of strange signs, wonders and unexpected and unprecedented miracles will begin to manifest in many nations.

Watch!  For there is a ‘reordering and a strategic realignment’ that is taking place in the heavenlies.

For we have now entered into a time of ‘divine re-calibration and divine reset’ in the earth.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Divine Discover, Recovery & Reset! — 2 Comments

  1. Amen Yes, Yes, Yes, as you have spoken it Father God, be it unto me. Hallelujah !!