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Do Not Fear Sudden Desolation — 5 Comments

  1. Years of desolation along with years of revelation.
    When you become born again you not only get a revelation of how real Jesus is but you also get a revelation of how real satan is.
    Everyday walk on earth, is a walk between Heaven and hell.
    Look at all the evil, shallowness oppression around. The cities have become empty, money, greed, shallow, Godforsaken hellholes and snakepits and the inhabitants prey, betray and walk over one another.
    Do you any idea how many government operatives I’ve come cross the the last 10-15 years who are anti-human anti-God full of hatred disgust, preying betraying.  Some just attack Christians on the internet. Some will rebuke people in fakery pertending to be Christians… horrible, abusive people prey and betray people and get paid by the government to do do so… work for satan abuse Gods children.
    You can spread divine knowledge and theyll spread poison in return.
    They can spy on you 24/7 laying burdens on you as Jesus said but wouldnt lift a finger to help or uphold the work of God. They work wickedness, infiltrate sabotage – the only language they understand is betrayal. Witchcraft. Twisted… poison.
    Peace? they war against peace.
    And none of them ever get arrested or charged? It’s satanic!!!
    How do you escape all the oppression? where do you go? Where do you go to escape it all. They prey on me everywhere I go and no one will help you.
    Just look around how many walk the earth, completely ignorant without a clue of what God requires and God’s judgment, its terrifying.
    ….Outcasts (Jeremiah 30)

  2. Let the church say amen.The kingdom of heaven is at hand.and the violent take it by force.  Warring on behalf of the saint.  Yes an amen

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