The Remnant Will Bring Correction!

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Beware of the Uncommitted Fighter

No leader wants to believe that they have poured their heart, wisdom, knowledge and time into persons who are on their team physically, but AWOL in the spirit in commitment and dedication!

As a leader, I always teach my team that loyalty and honesty is important.  You can’t want to be on the special tactical team when you are a coward and lack the ability to fight and war, because you’re in fear.

As a leader I am always trying to save the whole team, but if there is one whom I know will be a snitch, traitor, or subject to run, I will rather send that one home, because they will be a liability or a risk to the whole team.

These are the ones who, if wounded, you don’t leave behind, because they will direct the enemy to your position.  Nothing worst than you being in the war zone with persons who don’t have a heart to fight.

I have noticed that many times, in the heat of the battle, sometimes the leader has to fight by themselves.  If they didn’t have the LORD on their side, they would be consumed by their enemies!

For some reasons sometimes, the ones closest to them get an “I can’t get involved!” mentality, because the people are shooting at them and they don’t want to get hit!

Never go to battle with those that are not fully committed to the fight!

The Remnant Will Bring Correction!

In a army, a private will never have the authority or honor of the General!

Sometimes in the army of God, people think gifts outweigh character, integrity, honor, wisdom, authority and jurisdiction.

It takes more than you carrying a gun to be a officer in the army.  It does no good to have a gun and bullets, but don’t know when to shoot, how to shoot and who to shoot.

I took ROTC through my high school years and they taught us how to handle our weapons.  You had to know how to care for it, what to do with it, and be able to assemble it within a certain amount of time.

You had to learn how to work together as a team, and learn those you worked with, so that there would be no friendly fire and no loss of life!

We had to understand rank and position and that each rank carries a certain responsibility with it.  We learned honor and respect for those in charge and it wasn’t based on how we felt about it.

Spiritual Generals have command, authority and responsibilities, of setting the standards and guidelines for others to follow, according to the Word of God in the Body of Christ.

These are the ones whom God appointed because of their performance in the Kingdom and how they handle the different responsibilities given to them in their assignments, and their education and experience of warfare strategy, intercession, team development, ministerial personnel.

God evaluates them through their years of active duty in His army and their ability to learn, grow and develop maturity.  Many persons don’t understand that God takes a leader and personally trains and teaches them through mentors who have already been develop as leaders.

As in the natural army, the Spiritual Army of God must realized that you don’t become a Spiritual General overnight.  A 5-Star General in the natural army had to have served in active military duty for 20-30 years and was appointed by the President and and commissioned by congress.

Spiritually, these generals are appointed by God and enable to operate in full function by the Father, Son, Holy Ghost and aided by the host of heaven!

Today we have too many novices who are untrained in the things of God’s Kingdom and have a very limited understanding of the word and ways of God, trying to stand in positions in which they are not yet fully qualified to operate in.

This is the reason things are going from bad to worst with leadership, because the mature leaders refuse to open their mouths and correct those who are operating out of time.

In this hour, because of the remnant that will bring correction, you will see a greater attack against men and women who speak out real truth.  Because of the magnitude of unlearned and untrained persons standing in leadership positions, we are seeing a mass amount of error happening concerning the conduct, behavior and character of these individuals.

What’s scary to me are the leadership, who some say they are under, who are mature voices, but they are not correcting these persons and instead are backing them, because it’s increasing their organizations or fellowship!

Lord help us, if we don’t correct those things that are truly out of order in the Body of Christ!

Are You Fighting Imaginary People?

Listen very carefully, because some of you going totally overboard concerning people who are already connected to a leader and a church.

For some reason, people are fighting over people on social media sites who are members of churches and have Pastors.

People, these are not your members!  They are not your congregation!  They are committed to a leader.

These social media sites are designed to just connect people who either are family and friends, or have something in common.

We are falling out, because somebody has more “likes” than us, or more people following them.  Please get mature enough to know that you can’t Pastor an image, picture, profile or name.

People use aliases, false names and false identities and create images and identities that are not true.  So you are fighting often over an imaginary person, or helping somebody living out what is a sick delusion!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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