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Do NOT run from The Lord for any reason! — 1 Comment

  1. So true about the need for the gifts. In fact, There was a person who told me they don’t need anyone to prophecy to them because they can hear the Lord for them self…and that prophecy is just a confirmation of what God has already told one anyways, so why not just obey God when you hear him the first time, etc..
    So, recently the Lord showed me a new side to the scripture about “be a doer of the word and not a hearer only, deceiving your own selves, and about looking in the mirror and walking away and forgwtting what you looked like”. Hundreds of churches say they believe in the gifts, ‘look into’ the gifts (as into a mirror)and even have all kinds of classes and speakers teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and even go so far as to have weekend retreats and workshops teaching the ‘gifts of the Spirit’, etc. But the Lord said it’s not the learning about them constantly, and the hearing of them, but at some point, the DOING of them which is needed, and yet is what is hard to find being accomplished in many congregations nowadays. It’s almost like church people think because they ‘taught’ and ‘learned’ about the gifts that they actually did all that is needed on the subject. But God said many have deceived themselves (by substituting classes and just the ‘studying'(mirror) of the gifts for actually DOing them) We need to DO what we’ve learned. Also, it’s *pride to think one doesn’t need to emphasize gifts of the Spirit! We church people love to talk ‘fruit’ of the Spirit all day long, and emphasize that, which is fine, but God clearly tells us in His word we are to seek the gifts in 1 Cor. To think we could develop only fruit without any gifts is unbalanced, presumptuous, self-willed, NONdependent on God and yes, rebellious.

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