Does no one see the parallels?

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For years the people of Israel have suffered and defended themselves against the evil ISLAM-inspired scourge of terrorism against innocent civilians, the same scourge as the one just wielded in Paris and other places.

As long as it appeared to be primarily a Middle Eastern and Israeli-Palestinian problem, Europe and most of the nations of the world left the people of Israel to fend for themselves, even blaming and criticizing them and in this way also excusing or at least seeking to ‘explain’ barbaric, senseless terror.  Thus buses, planes, restaurants, shopping malls and many other places frequented by Israeli civilians – men, women and children – became blood-soaked murder scenes, with the world largely looking the other way without stretching out a truly helpful hand.

Now the same ISLAM-inspired terrorists have come to Europe, and increasingly Europe will have to face and learn the same lessons so painfully learned by the people of Israel.  One really wonders whether they will now become less self-interested and less condemnatory towards the Israelis after the Jews’ decennia-long road of suffering?

The terror directed against the Jewish state has had nothing to do with Israel occupying Palestinian Arab lands, as proved by David Dalin’s and John Rothmann, well-researched book, “Icon of Evil.”  The Mufti of Jerusalem, then the leader of the Palestinian Arabs, urged not only Hitler, Himmler and other Nazis to speed up the genocide of European Jewry, but on Berlin radio in 1944 called upon all Muslim Arabs to do the same!

In another Berlin radio broadcast, on March 1, 1944, the mufti urged his fellow Arabs to murder their Jewish neighbors: “Kill the Jews wherever you find them.  This pleases God, history and religion.”

The mufti made it abundantly clear that he fully supported Hitler’s goal – the extermination of the Jews. “If, God forbid, England should be victorious, the Jews would dominate the world,” he said in a November 11, 1942, broadcast. “But if, on the contrary, England loses and its allies are defeated, the Jewish question, which for us constitutes the greatest danger, would be finally resolved….” One year later, in his broadcast on Berlin radio, he praised Hitler for his results. “The Germans have never harmed any Muslim, and they are fighting our common enemy,” he explained. “But most of all they have definitely solved the Jewish problem.”

On March 19, 1943, in a radio broadcast celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, the mufti invoked Muhammad as a pretext for inciting Muslim anger and violence against the Prophet’s enemy, the Jews. “Arabs and Moslems, on this occasion of the birthday of the Prophet, who crushed Jewish ambitions in the past and completely eliminated them from Moslem countries, thereby setting us an example, on such a day Moslems and Arabs should vow before God utterly to crush Jewish ambitions and prove that faith in God is greater than imperialism and far more powerful than the devilry which surrounds international Judaism.”

As the Muslims have frequently sung, while slaughtering Jews,  “We shall fight first the Saturday people and then the Sunday people,” proving that the fight in and around Israel also has not so much to do with “occupied Muslim Arab land” as with the same jihad against the Judeo-Christian West – America (and Europe) as the big Satan, and Israel as the small Satan.  This is the battle of this present age, and no number of niceties suggesting that ISLAM is a peaceful religion will dampen their desire to submit the whole world to their Sharia law.

As Islam-expert Professor Moshe Sharon once rightfully remarked, “ISLAM had the sword before it had the Quran.”  Mohammed, in his short life span, waged more than 50 bloody wars!  Only those who are unfamiliar with the origins of ISLAM will ever claim the peacefulness of ISLAM.

How far removed from the truth then, are most of the statements made by US President Barack Obama and other world leaders that fail to name this present terror as ISLAM-inspired.

Those who commit these dastardly acts of terror say themselves that they do them as Muslims in the name of Allah!


~ Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center

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Newsletter of November 27, 2015.

Republished with the kind permission of Author Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director of International Christian Zionist Center.

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