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Does the Church need to Apologize? — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, Church needs to apologize and Church leaders will be held accountable. I have heard from do not wear slacks,jewelry, and makeup and abstain from wine, beer and movies just to name a few. This is not the Word of God, it puts people in bondage if you except these false teachings. We are liberated in Christ Jesus not to listen to men’s rules but to be free to Praise and Worship God freely. Church has become a business money making deal especially TV Ministries. What a disgrace. I have had it with Churches, but at this time the Spirit requires me to go to fulfill His purpose and it is one big sacrifice for me to go. Out of obedience and sacrifice that’s the only way I can do it, otherwise between error and falsehood in the Churches I definitely would not have any part of it. I am being sent by the Spirit to teach the truth about Churches and the Church System and I love to tell it all.

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