Don’t Let Them Stop You!


There has always been those who attempt to hinder or weaken, the work God has wanted to do.  Ever so often, we would hear the term about “undermining the service, or undermining the move of the Spirit.”  And there have always been people, who wanted to get in the way.  And most often, we knew who they were.  You see, when we attempt to take all of the power and authority away from the saints of God, we are already in error. Were only certain ones, endued with power from on high?

When I first came here and begin to seek the Lord for even a small work He might have for me to do, I was full of fear.  You need not tell me what people who claim the Holy Ghost and say they are in the body of Christ, can be capable of doing.

I remember when I was a little boy, singing in the house of the Lord, I could feel this intense dislike coming from some people.  I didn’t understand it.  I often felt wounded in the Lord’s house, and I did not even know why.  I was too young to understand what envy and jealousy can do to people; that it’s cruel; it is death.  It’s ruthless; it doesn’t care.

I felt so honored and blessed, that God might even use me even a little bit today.  You see, the more you seek Him, the more you will find Him.  You learn, to follow the Spirit. It’s not just what someone instantly knows; it takes dedication, it takes an earnest desire, and it takes usage, or practice.

He will teach you how to follow; and the more you desire it for the right purpose, the more He will show you and enlighten you.  Frankly speaking, it is no real wonder, that so many are jealous or envious of others who can do this.  It is the most awesome and powerful experience; following His leading.

One time, after being here for awhile, I was startled, when a voice spoke to me and said, “They will stop you, if they can.”

I must tell you, that I knew exactly who He was talking about.  And they did try.  But it didn’t last.  If some of us could fully understand, just how the angel of the Lord will fight for us and protect us from those who try to stop His work He wants to use us for, our lives would truly change.

I read lately, what Daniel said to the King the very next morning. “Oh King, God has sent His angel, and stopped the mouths of the lions.”  The Spirit, can arrange the very same today.

All of this admonishing about what God is about to do here and now, has upset many.  Those who have stood boldly to declare what the Spirit is saying to the Church today, have suffered dearly for it.  Many of us, are not bold at all; that’s not even our personality or make up.  But when the Spirit leads you and speaks through you, He, gives the boldness.

It’s not such a great mystery; it only takes one who is sold out to following Him, hungry beyond words to see Him move and operate those gifts He put in the church.

I cannot say enough about being on our face before Him.  Studying in depth for approval; learning what walking in the Spirit truly is.

It didn’t take long for me to realize, that every devil in hell was likely coming after me.  He’s tried to cripple us, and knock us out for good.  Could I share, that he has been trying to do that to me, all of my life?   And when some wicked humans decide to join up with them, you are in for it.

But don’t stop. If you fall, get up.  If you think you can’t do it or take it anymore, tell God so.  I can not do anything without Him and His help; I’ve never been more serious.

Keep speaking, keep prophesying, keep listening and even when you feel like quitting and giving up, don’t.  The message is just too important; the work too close to fulfillment. It will, be accomplished!


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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