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Dreams of Persecution in America — 7 Comments

  1. Yes! @ 35 yrs ago after a house meeting in our apt. God told me we would have to meet like this in days ahead! He also showed me how He could hide us supernaturally also, esp when unable to for example not be able to pay for car registration.
    He’s shown me also supernatural protection in my trip to India. A Hindu pastors wife was fisted in face but she did not feel the blow & no bruises.

  2. Matt 27:54
    Truly this was the son of God.
    We or most fail to see the importance of Jesus death at the cross and how it is even playing out in our time.
    The whole world is turning on Israel as a testimony to the truth of who Jesus is the true son of God. That those with eyes to see can see the injustice of it and wonder why does all nations hate this little nation for the last 2000 years? Because they are the only nation who God came to in such a personal way and for the most part even reject Him Jesus today. Sorta what is happening in the USA who worship with their lips but their hearts are far from him. I believe Israel and the USA are about to get a wake up call at the same time. For the better.

  3. Wow, wow, wow!  I had a dream back in August where I was in a synagogue as well and I vaguely remember having a dream where I was at the Western Wall with my brother.  I also remember having a dream where I was going to Israel with a bunch of Jewish people.  I don’t know what it all means but thank you so much for posting this!  God bless you, Mena!

  4. I had a dream some months ago which I believe applies here. I was crouching down in the streets while a truck passed by filled with angry young men hurling insults at myself and the people I was with. It was as if all fear completely dissipated and I stood up and walked to the back of the truck and looked up into the faces of many different cultures and said simply, “Hasn’t anyone told you how much Jesus loves you?” They all stopped and went completely still, as though they were hearing this Truth for the first time. A young white man, around 20 or so, jumped off the truck screaming insults and running after me to attack me physically. He lifted his arm and I watched as it turned into the consistency of a spaghetti noodle, and then the other arm, and then his legs, and then his entire body. I had to help the young man to sit because his whole body looked like gumby!! :D
    I’m already persecuted day and night for the choice of reTURNING fully to Him. I’ve tossed into the trash everything that resembles the world which is passing away. I’ve chosen humility and have paid a very dear price for it. But this drop of time can’t compare with the Eternal bliss of living within the eternal chambers of my Father’s heart of love!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!!
    Thank you for sharing in obedience to our Beautiful Redeemer!!

  5. This was foretold years ago.
    I met a lady online in 90’s who God told her to buy a home so she could hide Jews in the days ahead. 
    At least 6 yrs ago God had me cut off all my hair and wear a Star of David on a yellow arm band on my arm whenever I went out.
    Do jope people pay attention.  Dems esp HRC under-girding the antisemitism.

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