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Drink From The Rivers of My Glory! — 4 Comments

  1. Oh AMEN AMEN AMEN… my fiancé has been going through this after only 1 week and coming back to God because his life has tumbled to losing everything. Hes going back to slack, no time for God etc.  I told him this message for the past 2 days before you received it. Then yesterday Jonathan Cahn said it. Thank you again for confirmation that what I hear is from the Lord.  God Bless you and yours.’

  2. Dear Veronica, I thank God for you.  I’ve been sobbing in prayer for China this morning. For days I’ve been asking God to claim the Chinese people as His very own and take them away from atheistic communists.  I went over the 2020 Sands of Time prophetic word this morning.  The key opening–I believe it will open China and North Korea and Muslim nations.  My web site is http://www.EncouragementExpert.com. My book 21 WAYS TO FORGIVE is illustrated with 40 drawings.  I’d love to send you one as a gift so you could pray for me.  I’m trying to raise funds so I can give these to chaplains in prisons and county jails in the USA and it’s a curriculum for churches to use in small groups.  I’ve written a book on spiritual leadership that is at the publishers.  Please send me your mailing address and I’ll send you some of my books.  God bless you, dear sister. In Christ’s affection, Wes Daughenbaugh

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