Warning Dream “111”


Warning dream “111” on January 1, 2017.

Last night I had a series of very intense warning dreams.  As I have spent time praying over them this morning, I am lead to share one at this time for prayerful consideration.

Note:  Please use discernment when reading any and all prophecy.  Do not be tempted to partner with the spirit of fear.  God only reveals to heal.  He is also faithful to warn of coming events that we may be ready and well equipped.

Remember:  The power of fervent prayer can bring change and transformation.

Dream “111” on January 1, 2017.

In the dream, the phone rang and a voice on the other end said, “It is time to go to San Francisco, it is urgent, you must go now.”

Then suddenly in the dream, I found myself at an airport in London waiting for a flight to San Francisco.  Now as I looked up at the time of my flight, I saw that I was due to fly at 19:06 p.m..  In the dream, this time was highlighted to me, and I knew that it was prophetically significant to the journey that I was on.

My flight was called and I boarded at 19:06 p.m. to San Francisco.  Once on board, I quickly found my seat and tried to get comfortable.  Soon the plane was on the runway and ready to take off, when the voice of the flight Captain said, “Welcome aboard flight 111.  It will take approximately 11 hours to get to San Francisco.  The weather looks favourable, however we are likely to have strong head winds, meaning we should arrive a little later than expected.  Enjoy your flight.”

Suddenly and in an instant I found myself sitting in a large sports stadium surrounded by thousands and thousands of people who were watching a baseball game.  I had a great view of the game as I was sitting in a front row seat that overlooked the baseball field.

Then suddenly I heard a rumbling sound that came from deep within the ground beneath my feet.  The chair I was sitting in began to vibrate, then the stadium building surrounding me began to shake violently.

I looked up and I could see the baseball field in front of me begin to break and split in two, the sound of the ground ripping and tearing filled the air.  Suddenly I saw hundreds and hundreds of people running, shouting and screaming, trying to escape a great and powerful earthquake that came upon the land suddenly.

In the midst of great turmoil, I rose to my feet I began to cry out, “Mercy, mercy LORD!  Have mercy on the people of San Francisco!  Mercy, mercy LORD!  Have mercy on the people of this land!”

I cried out louder and louder, “Mercy, have mercy LORD, on this nation!”

The dream ended abruptly…!

Now as I have prayed over this dream, the Holy spirit has highlighted a number of things that are prophetically significant to me and it is for this reason that I share this dream with you all now, so we can pray and partner with God in this hour.

First off:  The timing of my dream, I believe, is significant.  January 1, 2017, 1-1-17, which is the first day of the first month of a new year.  Here we see the number 1 repeated 3 times. (here in the U.K. a medical emergency number is 111).

The second significant number that was highlighted to me in the dream was 19:06 the time of my flight.  There are exactly 111 years between the year 1906 and year 2017.  Again we see the number 1 being repeated 3 times.

The third thing that I believe is prophetically significant, was how long it would take to get from London to San Francisco.  The Captain said 11 hours due to possible strong head winds.

(See word posted: Divine Intervention Coming to America!  8 September 2016.)

The last thing that was highlighted to me was the flight number in my dream which was “Flight 111“.

Often prophetically, when we see numbers repeated 3 or more times it represents, synchronisation, alignment and awakening.  It can also represent things falling into place and things suddenly coming to pass!

Note:  Listen!  All of this could just be just a mere coincidence, or it could be that God is warning His people to be watching, praying and be prepared.

As I have prayed over this poignant dream, I believe that it is highly significant and it certainly has got my attention.  I will continue to be in prayer and intercession concerning the details in this dream and I will continue seeking God for any further insight and revelation.

Let us pray for San Francisco.  Continue to pray for California.  Let us continue to decree and declare God’s mercy over the whole nation of America in this hour.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Warning Dream “111” — 15 Comments

  1. One more thing. The 11 hours flight time could mean the quake will happen at 11 AM since it was only two digits. This is one of the most clever God-like dream messages I have ever heard. It will be very interesting to see if it happens or not.

  2. If you add 111 years to the S.F. earthquake you get 4-18-17, the last day of Passover. This could be the rapture of the church or during the following Pentecost, 50 days later. On Pentecost or Shavuot two dispensations began: Moses received the Law and the the Church began. Since we are in a Jubilee year it is a perfect time for the rapture and for judgment to begin. This year is also 70 years, a generation, from when Israel began, 1947. It was recognized the following year by the USA and the UN. Jesus said you would see all these signs within a generation before the end of the age.

  3. Maybe another interpretation is your seeing this year’s passover feast in a time of jubilee.

    111 years ago San Francisco Earthquake on the 18th april in 1906.

    A time of 1906 equals 7:06pm drop the zero you have 76 but in Hebrew you read right to left so 76 turns to 67

    So you get 18 april 1967 or 18.4.67

    1967 is 49 years ago(jubilee year) and might be a reference by the San Francisco 49ers

    San Francisco 49ers home stadium is Levi stadium.

    Levi stadium broke ground for construction on the 19th of April 2012 and Levi stadium sits in Santa Clara which has an area of 18.407 sq mi if you round it you get 18.4 miles

    The base ball field I am guessing because a base ball field is in the shape of a diamond. A diamond is a birth stone for someone born in april.

    18th of april this year is the last day of passover.

    Who can say only God know

  4. 1906 was the date of one of the biggest earthquakes in history a magnitude of 7.8. Which took place in…you guessed it folks…San Francisco. The earthquake destroyed or damaged 80% of the city, killed 3,000, people and caused a tsunami….Thought you might enjoy the factcheck.