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Warning Dream “111” — 15 Comments

  1. One more thing. The 11 hours flight time could mean the quake will happen at 11 AM since it was only two digits. This is one of the most clever God-like dream messages I have ever heard. It will be very interesting to see if it happens or not.

  2. If you add 111 years to the S.F. earthquake you get 4-18-17, the last day of Passover. This could be the rapture of the church or during the following Pentecost, 50 days later. On Pentecost or Shavuot two dispensations began: Moses received the Law and the the Church began. Since we are in a Jubilee year it is a perfect time for the rapture and for judgment to begin. This year is also 70 years, a generation, from when Israel began, 1947. It was recognized the following year by the USA and the UN. Jesus said you would see all these signs within a generation before the end of the age.

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