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  1. my brother, I am so grateful that I have found a few of like minds. I myself am promoting YHWH as a legitimate candidate to vote for. I am explaining to people that a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil and that if you write in YHWH and cast your vote for him, you are sending up a strong prayer and a loud cry. you are asking God to take over and rule this nation with his mighty hand. when you cast your vote for him, you are also telling him that you are putting your complete faith in him and none in man. that is what we need this election. it won’t matter who wins because God can stay and evil hand and turn an evil act into a blessing.

    I see you are a prophet. I know others who have received visions and I myself have received three. the first is of 5 young beasts (a goat which 1 and 1/2 of its horns were pale, a kneeling bear, a laughing lamb and lion, and a deer who had a small sprout coming out of its horns.) which I understand its meaning as referring to judgment by the beasts and the order.

    the second one came came to mye 2 days before the story of isis broke. I was told that the devil is raising his army and that I should pray for Israel. I comprehended that satans army would attack her and looked around to see who would defend her. not a single nation would. I was told that it is through the our prayers that she would be saved.

    the third is very personal and was in the garden. when I pray with people, they comment on the power they feel when I hold their hands. this is due to that vision. <3

    please bother, encourage your flock to put their complete faith in God by encouraging them to vote for him. it doesn't matter what your states requirements for write ins are, only that you ask God to take over and rule over this nation. he has the power to make it right. and please keep Israel in your prayers always. I fear times will become far worse with this election.

    God bless you

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